Quote Quilt, I am No Man, Eowyn quilt, LOTR quilt, Large throw size, READY to SHIP

Quote Quilt, I am No Man, Eowyn quilt, LOTR quilt, Large throw size, READY to SHIP


Grandma cozy meets modern flair with natural ingredients, handmade in America.

At the beckoning of my brother, I finished the Lord of the Rings books. I was obsessed with one single glorious moment. The moment Eowyn is on the battlefield and she says those four little words. After I finished reading the series I was then obsessed with making a quilt about that moment (I might have an obsessive personality). :)

I made this quilt with all low volume prints. Prints that had a bit of lavender or florals, very girly prints.

The letters are made with bias tape and free handed.

Quilt Measures approximately: 60x72"


top layer- designer cotton fabric

middle layer- all-natural, long staple pure virgin cotton batting

bottom layer- cotton designer fabric

All my items are made one at a time on a small scale. You are truly purchasing a handmade item.

All 3 layers are quilted, then binded with a coordinating fabric.

Machine wash and dry.
Quilts equal love. Hours are put into each one from planning to cutting, to piecing, and then quilting and binding. By the time a quilt is complete it holds the makers time, energy, and devotion. Have you ever made a quilt? It really does take a devoted and patient soul.

What else besides a quilt can keep you warm, make another envious, cuddle a baby under, have a picnic on, decorate a sofa with, throw at the foot of a bed, cry and snuggle with, wash and repeat, and then hang up and display as art?

So buy or make a quilt for somebody. They are excellent for births, weddings, the sick, the sad, the cold, for birthdays, for young, for old, for everyone.

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