THIS SCHEDULE IS FOR ALL MADE TO ORDER ITEMS.  The month your name is under is when I hope to have your order completed during.  Please note that the current estimated production time is at 8-13 weeks.  

PLEASE READ before emailing me if you have questions.

  • this web page is updated daily.
  • this schedule is estimated.  Sometimes I am ahead of it, sometimes I’m behind it.
  • if you have a particular date that you need your item by then you should contact me within at least a month of the date needed.  Please do not email me the week you need your item and expect me to be able to get to your order .
  • If the month your name is under has passed and your name is not crossed off, I am behind getting orders out and working hard to ship your order.
  • It is never my intention to ship an item late, but it happens to be the case often.  I work alone and each handmade item takes time.  I am very flexible if you have deadlines, but I need to be contacted well in advance to make it work.  I really appreciate your support and patience.
  • Orders that have been marked ‘moved 30-60 days out’ are orders that I am waiting on the customer to send before I can begin.




Audrey M

Mindy W

Maranda F

Amy M

Tracy M

Danae T

Wendy C

Chris N

Jessica R (when paid in full)

Amber B


Christine N

Brisa R

Lacey S

Jamie M 

Jordan J 

Erin B

Kayla C

Megan C

Christina C

 Ryan W

Jennifer W

Tammy H

Monica C (waiting on squares, moved out 60 days)

April G

Archana K (waiting on squares, moved out 60 days)

Judy B

Susan H

Dana B

Megan M

Amanda C

Deb J

Kathryn C

Marilou A

Taylor C

Kristin L

Melanie P

Cinisha D

Melissa F

Pamela L

Marissa M

Caitlin S (when paid in full)

Judy B

LaTrisha K

Lindsay L

Katherine B

Amanda L

Catherine K

Mary P

Lynne F

Deneil B

Susan T




Clarice S

Lee T

Cynthia H

Sandy B

Lisa P

Michele B

Whitney B

Corby B

Melissa M

Anna S

Collins C

Dawn M

Pamela H

Laura C


Brandi C

Timothy R

Brianna M

Taylor P

Cailey S

Drusilla G

Sachiko K

Jonathan P

Olivia S 

Leslie H

Kara W

Megan G

Nancy M

Becky M


Teri G

Alexandra R

Vickie W

Monica C

Archana K

Teri W

Anna M

Noelle B

 Katie M

Amy W