Rescue Quilts

Improved Nine Patch quilt, Full Size, made from an old quilt top, yellow and scrappy, granny chic, READY TO SHIP, some feedsack fabrics

This section is for those of us with an attachment to the old.  It's for those of us who scour antique stores, estate sales, flea markets, or those of who have something aged with time and love and simply cannot let go of it.

In this space you will find quilt tops that I have found unfinished and discarded and made whole and new.  These are all of my rescued quilts.

They are one of a kind, mostly all hand pieced in days long past.  I will make the quilt as sturdy as I possibly can so that it can live on.

And if you have an old ragged quilt that you can't let go of there is also a listing here for repair jobs.

Please contact me for questions.