Add patches of Hand quilting

Add patches of Hand quilting

**THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER ITEM. Please see my shop announcement for current turnaround times.

This listing is to be purchased in addition to one of my quilts (not rag quilts).

My quilt shop is not just a hobby for me, but my daily job. It puts the food on my table for my family. And because it is that, I can't always add some touches to the quilts that I might if I was making a quilt to keep. So I wanted to offer that in my shop. Just for you.

Special touches.

Just in case you are into that.

Hand quilting is not as strong as the machine quilting that you mostly see on my quilts. Quilts made today will hold up longer because they are mostly made with machine stitches. BUT that doesn't change the fact that there is a certain beauty to hand stitches. They are imperfect, wonky, and done completely by two hands, and add the sweetest, gentlest of touches.


I will not quilt in an entire quilt by hand, but I will free motion quilt by machine all over your quilt to make it strong and lasting, and then I will add patches of hand quilting on top of the machine stitches just to give it that 'hand' touch.


This listing is for 5 patches of hand quilting. See photos to get a better idea of what my imperfect, wonky stitches will look like on your quilt. (I personally can't stop running my hand across them!)

If you would like more patches, just change the quantity of this listing.


I like to stitch running stitches and X's, but if you like one over the other, please just let me know.

Patches will vary in size, lengths and widths. I like things to be a little random.

Feel free to choose a color thread, if no choice is given I will choose for you.


Pearl cotton thread
My two hands


Leave me your instagram profile name and I'll tag you when I take pictures of your order in progress, if you want. You can find me @southerncharmquilts


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