Memory Quilt with HAND CUT HEARTS

Memory Quilt with HAND CUT HEARTS

THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER QUILT. Please see shop announcement for current production times.

The difference between this 'hand cut heart quilt' and the other one is that this one is made with clothing (the hearts, that is). Each heart will be cut from clothing that you supply me, and then stitched down on to a low volume (whiteish) background. If you prefer another color background, please just let me know, but be mindful of the color you choose and how that may make your heart cut clothing appear.

You Choose Size:
Crib - approx 36x48"
Toddler - approx 48x60"
Lap Throw- approx 60x60 inches
Large Throw- approx 60x72 inches
Twin Quilt- approx. 72x84 inches
Full / Queen Quilt- approx. 84x96 inches
Bigger Queen quilt- approx. 96x96 inches
King Quilt- approx. 108x108 inches
(If you don't have enough clothing, no worries, just send what you have and I'll try to make it work by adding fabrics, etc.)

PLEASE NOTE------- This quilt works for any kind of clothing with the exception of bulky or too small. Please send actual clothing, not stuff like hats, socks, bags. Newborn clothing is just too small.

NOTE---- Only the hearts will be made with clothing, not the background on the front of your quilt. If you have preferences on the low volume fabrics in the background, please let me know at checkout or within a note in your box of clothing.


I DO OFFER PAYMENT PLANS happily! Please read about them in my store policies section before contacting me for setup.


top layer- your clothing

middle layer- all-natural, long staple pure virgin cotton batting

bottom layer- designer fabric

All my items are made one at a time on a small scale. You are truly purchasing a handmade item.

All 3 layers are quilted, then binded with a coordinating fabric.

Machine wash and dry.


1. purchase quilt, you will then receive an email from me telling you where to send your clothing
2. Include in your box of clothing: the purchasers name on the outside, and any special directions on the inside. If you have particular things you want on the quilt from a certain piece of clothing let me know by pinning a note on each piece of clothing. If you have preferences on border fabric please let me know.

My goal is to use everything you send me, but if I have leftovers they will be donated and scraps will be thrown away. If you want some of your things sent back to you there will be an additional postage fee and you must tell me before I send out your quilt. Once your quilt is shipped, your clothing is gone.

DELIVERY- If you are interested in knowing if your box of clothing has been delivered to me then please purchase delivery confirmation on your end. I have approx. 30+ boxes of clothing for memory quilts from customers and its hard for me to tell each and every customer that there box has arrived safely. I apologize for this inconvenience, but I hope you can understand.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not require signatures when your clothing is being delivered to me. I will not be available to sign and will not go collect your box from USPS, UPS, or Fedex. I live much too far out to deal with this. Please just ship regular mail to me, no signature required. If you do require a signature on your shipping it will be returned to you when they cannot deliver it to me and you will be responsible for re-shipping your clothing to me.

Quilts equal love. Hours are put into each one from planning to cutting, to piecing, and then quilting and binding. By the time a quilt is complete it holds the makers time, energy, and devotion. Have you ever made a quilt? It really does take a devoted and patient soul.

What else besides a quilt can keep you warm, make another envious, cuddle a baby under, have a picnic on, decorate a sofa with, throw at the foot of a bed, cry and snuggle with, wash and repeat, and then hang up and display as art?

So buy or make a quilt for somebody. They are excellent for births, weddings, the sick, the sad, the cold, for birthdays, for young, for old, for everyone.

Leave me your instagram profile name and I'll tag you when I take pictures of your order in progress, if you want. You can find me @southerncharmquilts


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