Bohemian Trip Around the World Quilt - Rescue Quilt - READY TO SHIP - quilts for sale - Twin Size

Bohemian Trip Around the World Quilt - Rescue Quilt - READY TO SHIP - quilts for sale - Twin Size



This is for those of us who scour antique stores, estate sales, flea markets, or those of who have something aged with time and love and simply cannot let go of it. This is a quilt top that I have found unfinished and discarded and made whole and new. I call these "rescue quilts". They are one of a kind, mostly all hand pieced in days long past. I will make the quilt as sturdy as I possibly can so that it can live on.


This is one of my most treasured finds. I was in awe the first time I saw this quilt. The squares were all hand pieced and they each measure 3/4". That is amazing! I myself have only pieced 2.5" at the smallest. There are over 3,100 squares in this quilt. The colors are vibrant and happy. This quilt top was found in Birmingham, AL and was owned by a 65 year old man. He only knew that it was made by his grandmother (that's the best I can do as far as dating it).

There is one row of this quilt in disrepair where the material (maybe, a denim) has come unseamed mostly. I have quilted with a tiny meander design to keep anymore of this quilt from unraveling. But do know there are tiny holes all the way around that row which makes a square around the quilt. I feel good about the work I've done to keep things held together. There is a picture with my finger pointing so that you can see exactly what I mean. The edges of the quilt are not perfectly straight (something common when working with hand pieced quilts), instead they are a bit wobbly or curved. I've left them that way instead of cutting into the squares. I love the handmade look it gives the quilt.

Measures 72x92" approximately - twin size

The design of this quilt is called a 'Trip Around the World' and it has been hand pieced.



top layer- designer cotton fabric

middle layer- all-natural, long staple pure virgin cotton batting

bottom layer- cotton designer fabric



All my items are made one at a time on a small scale. You are truly purchasing a handmade item.

All 3 layers are quilted, then binded with a coordinating fabric.



Machine wash and dry.

Please note that I cannot guarantee the Rescue Quilts as I can my own quilts. I have done what I can to make sure this quilt to get this quilt in good care, but it's old and with older fabrics you never really know how long they will last.


Quilts equal love. Hours are put into each one from planning to cutting, to piecing, and then quilting and binding. By the time a quilt is complete it holds the makers time, energy, and devotion. Have you ever made a quilt? It really does take a devoted and patient soul.

What else besides a quilt can keep you warm, make another envious, cuddle a baby under, have a picnic on, decorate a sofa with, throw at the foot of a bed, cry and snuggle with, wash and repeat, and then hang up and display as art?

So buy or make a quilt for somebody. They are excellent for births, weddings, the sick, the sad, the cold, for birthdays, for young, for old, for everyone.


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