Guest Book Quilt for SMALL EVENTS

Guest Book Quilt for SMALL EVENTS




Estimated production times are located on my home page in the announcement section.

G U E S T B O O K   Q U I L T S

Instead of a book, your guests can sign in and leave you a message on a functional, cozy, keepsake quilt, with natural ingredients, handmade in America.

C H O O S E   Y O U R   O W N   F A B R I C S

Fabrics are completely customizeable by you. Browse for fabrics from here.  Leave me a note at checkout with your choices. Please choose 10 different fabrics. "

S I Z E   &   S Q U A R E   O P T I O N S

I have several options for this quilt where you can adjust the number of blocks to accommodate your needs. Before adding this item to your cart, choose the option you prefer.

60x60" quilt - 36 blocks
60x70" quilt - 42 blocks
70x70" quilt- 49 blocks
70x80" quit - 56 blocks
80x80" quilt - 64 blocks
80x90" quilt - 72 blocks

H O W   T O   P R O C E E D

1. purchase quilt OR pick out fabrics and then purchase quilt
2. I will then send you the squares for the quilt
3. Your guests will sign blocks and then you will return fabric squares to me
4. I will then make your quilt with blocks

Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to get the fabric squares to you. If you are in a hurry, I'm happy to choose fabrics for you that I have on hand. Just contact me first.


top layer- designer cotton fabric

middle layer- all-natural, long staple pure virgin cotton batting

bottom layer- designer cotton fabric 

H O W   I T S   M A D E

All my items are made one at a time on a small scale. You are truly purchasing a handmade item.

Top layer of quilt is quilted to cotton batting and cotton backing. Secured with binding.

S P E C I A L   N O T E S

Please do not:
alter these blocks in any way except writing on them with a fabric marker
paint on them
spray a substance to the back of them
tape them
iron on to them
sew on them
embroider on them
glue items on to them

If the blocks have been altered I will charge a fee for having to work around this of $25. I am very sorry about this, but I've had someone do each of these things above and it just creates stress and mistakes that cannot be helped.


IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED A GUEST BOOK QUILT and never returned your quilt squares for me to complete your quilt I will give you up to three years to do so. After three years, I will not complete the order nor refund and will consider the order completed.

A   F E W   T H I N G S   T O   R E M E M B E R

- it is your responsibilty to return all blocks once they've been signed by your guest. If there are blocks missing, then you will have to purchase additional blocks.
- I need at least an inch border all around each block for sewing purposes. If guest sign in border then some of their words may or may not be cut off.
- make sure your guests are signing blocks correctly. If blocks are turned upside down or inside out there is nothing I can do to fix that.
- It is your responsibility to be sure that guests are signing with a FABRIC marker. Occasionally, they will use their own pens (something hard to control). Please note that anything other than a fabric marker will smudge. Fabric markers DO NOT smudge after being washed.

For more thorough details on purchasing a guest book quilt, please visit this page 


Machine wash and dry.


Quilts equal love. Hours are put into each one from planning to cutting, to piecing, and then quilting and binding. By the time a quilt is complete it holds the makers time, energy, and devotion. Have you ever made a quilt? It really does take a devoted and patient soul.

What else besides a quilt can keep you warm, make another envious, cuddle a baby under, have a picnic on, decorate a sofa with, throw at the foot of a bed, cry and snuggle with, wash and repeat, and then hang up and display as art?

So buy or make a quilt for somebody. They are excellent for births, weddings, the sick, the sad, the cold, for birthdays, for young, for old, for everyone.

N E E D   H E L P   C H O O S I N G   F A B R I C S ?

I wrote a post on the easiest way to choose fabrics for your custom quilt here
Also, if you prefer to send me the link to your public pinterest board of your fabric choices instead of listing them at checkout that would be perfect, and easier for both of us.

I D E A S   T O   D I S P L A Y   Y O U R   B L O C K S   A T   Y O U R   W E D D I N G 


Leave me your instagram profile name and I'll tag you when I take pictures of your order in progress, if you want. You can find me @southerncharmquilts



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