QUILT REPAIR, darning holes, mending seams, quilt surgery, DEPOSIT

QUILT REPAIR, darning holes, mending seams, quilt surgery, DEPOSIT

**THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER ITEM. Please see my shop announcement for current turnaround times.

This listing is to have an old quilt repaired. We hang on to these warm and comfy works of art, unwilling to let them go even when they are worn and tattered. Perhaps you were given a gift of a quilt from someone you loved, or handed down one of these treasures made by an ancestor you never got to meet. Maybe it's been loved into disarray and STILL you can't part with it. If so, then this listing is for you. 

This is not a restoration project. If your quilt is heading to a museum or to be featured in a show this is not the kind of repair that you want. 

If you just want to snuggle under your quilt, then this repair is for you. 

I will darn/mend your quilt. Stitch up all holes.

When I work on your quilt, I will be looking for holes, split seams, dry rotting fabric. These are the places I will mend. I will decide the method of the repair to use unless you contact me with specific requests. Sometimes a quilt is so badly worn that we are just trying to keep things together which I'd normally do on a machine. Sometimes a quilt will come in that has no machine work on it and I'll prefer to do the repair by hand by whip stitching split seams and mending holes.


This listing is for a deposit on your quilt repair. Most quilts can be repaired without paying any additional fees, however some quilts will require higher prices depending on work needed. Please contact me if you have questions. 

This deposit is for three hours of work. If I need to work longer than that the price is $20 for every additional hour.

There is also an option to have your quilt re-binded. This is the thin strip of fabric that goes all the way around your quilt (similar to a border), holding it altogether. This is additional fee and not part of the deposit.


1. purchase listing, you will then receive an email from me telling you where to send your quilt. 
2. Include on the outside of your box: the purchasers name on the outside.


DELIVERY- If you are interested in knowing if your quilt top has been delivered to me then please purchase delivery confirmation on your end. I have approx. 30+ boxes of work for memory quilts, guest book quilts, and finish my grandmother's quilts from customers and its hard for me to tell each and every customer that there box has arrived safely. I apologize for this inconvenience, but I hope you can understand.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not require signatures when your quilt top is being delivered to me. I will not be available to sign and will not go collect your box from USPS, UPS, or Fedex. I live much too far out to deal with this. Please just ship regular mail to me, no signature required. If you do require a signature on your shipping it will be returned to you when they cannot deliver it to me and you will be responsible for re-shipping your clothing to me.


All my items are made one at a time on a small scale. You are truly purchasing a handmade item.


Due to age and inexperience with older fabrics and quilts, I cannot guarantee these quilts like I do the quilts I make myself. I will do my utmost to make you a sturdy and washable quilt, but because of the age of the fabrics, I don't always know what won't hold up and what won't bleed. Please try to understand. I will wash your quilt once before shipping it to you and advise you to treat with care and wash using your own best judgement.


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