How to Choose Fabrics For Your Custom Quilt

You may choose fabrics for your custom quilt at:

Bobbie Lou's Fabric Shop

Bobbie Lou's offers all the best in modern fabrics and colors.

You do not need to purchase any fabrics.  I do that for you!  All you need to do is send me a list of your names of fabrics.  Fabric names usually feature the name of the print and the color, for example: add it up in seaglass or big love in midnight.  I will only need the title or a link.

If you send the title, I will send you a proof to make sure I have the correct fabrics.  If you send me a direct link, you will not get a proof, since you can be sure I have the correct fabrics.  Either way is perfectly fine.

How do I find the fabrics I'm looking for

Most of the time you might be looking for a specific set of colors, patterns or themes.  Here is how you can navigate the site to find things the easiest way.


If you are searching by color, click the color tab under the "fabric" heading and choose a color to search by.



Maybe you have a specific style of color you are wanting to choose like boho or metallic or geometrics.  Click the style tab under the "fabric" heading and find your favorite style.



Maybe you are looking for solids?  You'll find that under the 'style' tab.



If you are searching for something very specific, try the search bar at the bottom of the home page.


I'm not sure I know how to put fabrics together

Now that you know how to navigate the Bobbie Lou site to find the fabrics, you may still be worried that you won't be good at choosing.

First, I am happy to do this for you and let you 'approve' my fabric choices based on a color palette, a theme, or an inspiration photo provided by you.  Please don't think you have to choose these yourself.  We can work together.

However, if you are interested in choosing all your own fabrics, you can have a read this article I wrote which helps other quilters choose their fabrics using three different methods I regularly use.


How do I know how my fabrics look together

Here's a trick I use:  Create a board on pinterest, pin your fabrics to your board and see what you think of the grouping.  It's not exact, but you can get a good feel for how your fabrics will work together by doing this.

You can remove fabrics and add fabrics until you are happy with how your fabrics look together.

This is also the way I will get you to approve your fabrics when you send me a list of names.

If you do take the time to create a pinterest board and want to use that for a quilt that I make for you, you can send me the board link and I'll have all your fabrics in one quick and easy link (make sure you don't set the board to secret).


Please contact me with any questions you might have.