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do. Good Stitches – Emerge Circle – The Pineapple Blocks Tutorial

Emerge Circle is a group of 11 quilt makers (including myself) dedicated to making quilts for those in need.  Our aim is to donate 10 quilts per year.  Our circle is part of the bigger group of charity quilters called do. Good Stitches.  You can read about it and it’s creator Rachel Hauser here.

Every month a different member of our group is Lead Quilter and in charge of deciding on quilt plans for a quilt that we all pitch in to make.  Visit our #emergecircledogood on Insta to see all our blocks and quilt photos.

If you find yourself wanting to be part of a circle of your own, please visit the page I linked to above.  If life is too busy to allow you to participate and you’d like to donate instead, our group is always in need of batting, binding, or backing fabric.  If and whatever you would like to donate, those materials will go to the Lead Quilter in charge for that particular month.  Please comment below or email me directly if interested.  If you are just hear to read about quilts, that’s fine too!

Enjoy the free block patterns and make sure to check back for the whole quilt later on.  Find all Emerge Circle posts here.


This is my first month with Emerge Circle, plus my first month as Lead Quilter.  I’ve chosen pineapple blocks which I’ve always wanted to make.  There are two different blocks and they both will measure 10.5″x16.5″ unfinished.  One is meant to be scrappy, and the other fussy cut (you don’t have to fussy cut, I just thought it would be cute).

I’d like for one of each to be made.  Feel free to use colors besides yellow.  I’d also like pink, mint or aqua.  I have a color palette image here, here and here.

Block 1

If you require instructions for making HSTs (half square triangles), you will find that info here.

Layout your squares as shown in the image above.  Then sew each row.  Please use 1/4″ seam throughout this pattern.

On my rows that included HSTs, I pressed those seams open.  On the rows that just used squares I alternated the direction I pressed the seams per row. However, even doing this there was some bulk, so if you are particular about your seams, you might want to take the time to press them all open.

Now sew your rows together.  Don’t forget to nest your seams for better accuracy.

Now you should have this little cutie patootie here.  If you are like me, at this point you’re starting to squeal.  CAUSE.  IT’S.  SO.  CUTE!

Layout your rectangles in their correct positions.  Sew the side rectangle on first.  Then, press towards the rectangle.  Next sew the bottom rectangle on, and press towards the rectangle.

Bam!  First, pineapple done!  Pat yourself on the back because you are so awesome!


Block 2

If you require instructions for making HSTs (half square triangles), you will find that info here.

Draw a line on your (4) 2.5″ low volume squares.  Then, pin them to the corners of your large rectangle like in the image above.  Sew directly on your drawn line.

Using a rotary cutter, cut 1/4″ to the outside right of your stitch line.

Open up your triangles and press to the outside of your block.  I am usually extremely delicate with these pieces.  The slightest pull or tug tends to warp them.

Now layout your remaining pieces like the image above.  Sew your rows together.

Press your seams open.

Then, sew your two rows together.  After that, sew your two greenery rows to your pineapple body.  Press the seams open.

Layout your rectangles like the image above.  Sew the side one on first, then press towards the rectangle.  Next sew the bottom rectangle on, and press towards the rectangle.

You are allowed to squeal again.

I don’t know about you, but this is going on MY personal list of favorite quilt blocks that I’ve ever made.  I’m tickled and giggly and utterly smitten.

Some thoughts and some links

I really wanted to do a better fussy cut choice on my “fussy cut pineapple”, but I didn’t have a lot of yellows to choose from.  I love the floral though.

I wish I had pressed ALL the seams open instead of just some of them in my “scrappy pineapple”.

Most of the fabrics used in these two blocks were pulled from my 2.5″ scrap bin and my 3″ scrap bin for the HSTs.  I love having those precut pieces for blocks like this.  Just in case you are wondering the “fussy cut pineapple” block was made with a Heather Ross fabric found here (the yellow one).  I had wanted to use this fabric and had it pulled for this project, but the fussy cuts on it were much smaller and I would have ended up cutting into one of those scenes.  And you know that when it comes to my HR fabric, I’m a bit of a miser, so I put that piece back.


I cannot wait to see what my fellow Emerge Circle members do with this block.  They’ll be a tutorial for the whole quilt soon!


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  1. I love this pattern. Has anyone tried it with 5′ squares? I wonder if would be as cute. I want a bigger crib size quilt.

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