Are you obsessed with cutting fabric and sewing it back together??

Same, friend! You are in the right place!
If you like all things quilty, fabric, quilt alongs, and gushing over crinkles, welcome WELCOME!

That’s exactly why I’m here!

I’m Melanie, and I write quilt patterns, host quilt alongs, and teach quilting. Whether you are looking for guidance or just inspiration, I’m here for you!


Whether you are starting at the beginning or have made your share of quilts, I’m there for you with a variety of classes!

My Quilt Patterns




I use to hate hand binding and now I’m obsessed with it! Particularly, the chunky style.

Before I wrote quilt patterns and taught, I sold made to order quilts on Etsy. 😅😭 At once point, I had 40 quilts on order. 😬

I’ve been quilting since 2008 and am self taught (which means I learned the hard way, which also means I have all kinds of tips and tricks)

Within every quilt I make, the colors peach and blush are almost ALWAYS included! I looooovvvee them!

I design modern quilt fabric that you’ll ONLY find at Meander + Make (that’s my fabric shop). I may a bit bias, but it’s both yummy and delicious!

I host quilt alongs several times each year. These are fun, prize filled, community events.

I am pernickety about the way I press fabric and patchwork. So much so that I even annoy myself!

My favorite quilt block is a bear paw block. It’s why I designed my Sugar Bear quilt pattern.

For about 10 years, I only free motion quilted a meander design. I got comfortable! Then a few years ago, I decided I wanted MORE. You can view some of FMQ demos here.

My most popular quilt pattern is A Little Miss Sawtooth quilt. It’s a good teacher if you are brand new to quilting and want to learn all the things.

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