Tips for Choosing Fabrics for the Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt


Little Miss Sawtooth

Little Miss Sawtooth is hand’s down my most popular pattern. Here’s why I think that is:

  • It’s the perfect beginner pattern. Nothing but the basics are involved. Plus it comes with a video tutorial for each and every block. You can do this! And you’ll learn a wide range of skills if this is your first quilt making effort.
  • It’s scrappilicious! Naturally, since I have my own fabric shop I’m going to make up bundles for this quilt to make things a bit easier for you. GRAB AND SEW! But many of you might be sitting on a hella stash already and have everything you need. Even the background is scrappy!
  • It’s just plain fun! Sampler quilts are almost always fun. EVERY SINGLE STAR is different! I promise you won’t get bored. Not to even mention the fussy cutting opportunities this baby provides!

See all of past versions of Little Miss Sawtooth here.

Get the Little Miss Sawtooth pattern here.

JOIN THE QUILT ALONG NOW! We begin on August 28, 2021!

Tips For Picking Fabric

  1. There are NO HARD RULES! Take everything I’m about to say to you and know there are always exceptions and they are my opinions. But at the same time, these are the thoughts I’m always thinking about when I make this quilt. This quilt along will be the twelfth time I’ve made Little Miss, and I assure you they were not all winners. Ha! But I’ve had fun and I’ve learned!
  2. While you decide what to use for your foreground fabrics, also choose your background fabrics. Don’t wait! I say this because of the scrappy background this pattern uses. If ANY of the foreground fabrics you choose for your star points are LIGHT or have a white background that’s more space than print (unsaturated prints), they will get lost in the scrappy background. Sometimes, this turns out okay, but more times than not, I’m bummed.
  3. If you DO choose to use an unsaturated print as your star points, chill out on the busy background prints. Maybe choose background that are very minimal or even choose different shades of white solids.
  4. I prefer for my star points to have very saturated prints. I almost always include a couple of low volumes for my foreground fabrics, but I DON’T use them as my star points unless I’m going with a very minimal background. Take a look at the pic above. In that quilt all my star points are very pronounced and saturated. They pop against the busy background. Save your low volume foreground for the INSIDE of your blocks.
  5. It’s okay to NOT use all 15 foreground fabrics as your star points! I like this thought! Little Miss Sawtooth pattern requires 15 fabrics for your foreground and there are 15 star blocks in the quilt. That doesn’t mean you MUST use each fabric as a star’s points. I certainly don’t. The fabrics I’m using for this next version has one single navy blue print fabric and since it’s my only fabric that dark and that color, I’ll be using it twice in the star points so that it will bring a little balance to the quilt and not stand out as that ONE STAR WITH THE COLOR NAVY.

That’s all! I hope you found this helpful and getting yourself ready to participate in the Little Miss Sawtooth quilt along. It’s going to be fun! See you there!


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  1. Making two this time and still fussing over fabrics. A friend likes yellow so I want all her points to be dark yellows and golds maybe browns and then the other will be fall colors but more scrappy points. Already cutting fussy centers.

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