originally released in October 2024

Melanie Traylor’s Merrymaking fabric collection is a delightful holiday season celebration. This Christmas-themed line features 20 pieces that encapsulate the spirit of festivity with whimsical charm. The collection boasts an array of cheerful prints, including Santa Claus, poinsettias, and Christmas trees, each design capturing the magic and nostalgia of the season. Retro ornaments add a vintage flair, bringing a touch of mid-century merriment to the collection. The vibrant color palette, featuring fuchsia, turquoise, red, lavender, and aqua, infuses the fabrics with a contemporary twist, ensuring they stand out in any holiday project.

Perfect for quilters and crafters, the Merrymaking fabric collection includes novelty prints that are ideal for fussy cutting, allowing for detailed and precise project designs. These playful motifs are complemented by various blenders, which provide the perfect background to highlight the more intricate patterns. Whether you’re creating a festive quilt, holiday decorations, or handmade gifts, this collection offers a versatile selection that blends traditional holiday imagery with modern aesthetics. Melanie Traylor’s Merrymaking collection will inspire creativity and bring joy to any holiday crafting endeavor.

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Merrymaking – a Christmas fabric collection by Southern Charm Quilts
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