Some Place Grand

originally released in May 2023

The Some Place Grand fabric collection by Melanie Traylor of Southern Charm Quilts is a 20-piece collection that melds travel with a warm, inviting palette. Each fabric in this collection is carefully curated to evoke the essence of exploring new destinations, capturing the romance and adventure of the journey. The colors range from rich browns and golden yellows to delicate blushes, corals, and peaches, offering a harmonious blend that suggests the varying landscapes and cultures encountered on a grand voyage.

Some Place Grand incorporates motifs and patterns reminiscent of maps, postcards, and scenic vistas. The fabrics provide a nostalgic nod to the golden age of travel and offer contemporary quilters a versatile and inspiring palette. Perfect for creating projects that tell a story, the Some Place Grand Fabric Collection invites makers to embark on their creative journeys, crafting timeless pieces with a sense of wanderlust.

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