Monday Is All About Fabric #2 – Ethereal Fusion by AGF Studio

Ethereal Fusion Fabric Collections by AGF Studio

Do these prints look familiar to you?  They did to me.  I had to do a double take.  I recognized the prints, but not the colorways and not grouped like they are.

Okay, see, Art Gallery Fabrics, being incredibly creative and all and mindful of a great print decided, “hey, we are not going to just discontinue our fabric prints.  No, we will re-color it and mix it with other great fabric prints and have a cool mix of different designers altogether.  A whole new collection.”

And so they did.



So we got:  Bonnie, Bari, Caroline, Pat, April, Katarina, and Amy.  Yep, the gangs all here.

All in one collection.

Art Gallery Fabrics calls these, “a bite size collection featuring prints from AGF designers arranged in conceptual themes.”

I like it!

I purchased these for a guest book quilt for a wedding for a customer of mine.  I’ll show it soon.

You can purchase the fabrics here:

What I like about this idea is that it’s no longer ‘out with the old’.  It’s giving a thing it’s due, it’s keeping something around that shouldn’t be tossed away for new and shinier things.  And I like that.

Fusions by AGF Studio

AGF also has a few other Fusion collections.  Click on them to see all the re-colored prints.

Abloom Fabric Collection

Boho Fabric Collection

Joyful Fabric Collection

It will be a few months before I get to work on the guest book quilt with these fabrics, but in the meantime I’ve got scraps to play with.


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