New Fabrics – Monday is All About Fabric – #172


There’s no new bundles this week, but we did receive a significant amount of new fabrics that I thought I’d share with you.


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I don’t know about you, but fabric is EVERYTHING! I love buying it, petting it and then gushing with you about it. I’ll show you my latest fabric purchases and where you can buy it too.

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Florida is by Sarah Watts. I didn’t get the whole line, but bought all four colors of the Wild Wings print. I think they look like angel wings sometimes. I’m obsessed with the colors in person.

Here’s the ones we have:


Golden Hour



Golden Hour by Alexia Marcelle Abegg came in just the other day. I have been waiting for this one so long. I’m actually a little bummed it didn’t arrive a week or so earlier because I would have used the bigger print for my Dresden centers in Anthologie. The flowers are big enough to cover a whole Dresden center.

Here’s the ones we have:


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Whatnot by Rashida Coleman Hale came in this week too. I didn’t buy much of this collection, but I made sure to get all of the wide backs that were released with the collection. It’s so rare to find SUCH BEAUTIFUL WIDE BACKS! And I am enamored with these. I doubled up on the golden and the peach. 🙂

Here’s the ones we have:


Tahiti Dreams



We also received two wide backs from P & B, both watercolor stripes.

Here’s the ones we have:

Also in stock this week:


Custom Quilt Labels
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This Week

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing you the flimsy for my next quilt pattern: LaLa Fancy (block above). On Wednesday, we have an Anthologie quilt along post going up.  On Friday, I’m hoping to have a video tutorial up for you about pinwheels.




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