Monday is all About Fabric #8 – Blush and Gold

I’m not sporting any new fabric collections today.  Boo!  What I do have is a random mix of fabrics in shades of blush and gold.

I actually purchased these fabrics for a quilt I have to make coming up.

Metallic gold is one of my favorite colors to use in my quilts.

The question today is:  when you are shopping for fabrics online, how do you go about selecting them?  How do you know that they all look great together?  You don’t want to waste your money and buy a fabric that isn’t going to work.  Particularly, if you are shopping for a fabrics for a particular quilt.

I’ve mentioned the many different/reasons I shop for fabrics many times in these Monday posts, but today I’m going to go deeper into it when it’s all about a particular quilt.

This is super easy, you may already be doing just this OR maybe you just haven’t thought of it.

It’s hard to know what fabrics are going to look like together.  When they are in your online cart you can sometimes see them together, but sometimes the pictures there are too small or some carts don’t even show pictures.

So instead, so I can get a feel or idea of all my fabrics together, I create a board on pinterest and ‘pin’ my fabrics to that board.  If I decide I don’t like the way this one is meshing with that one, I delete that one fabric and continue adding.  You can do this until your heart is content with the fabric choices.  You can mix and match from different shops.  And you can even do this over a period of time, you don’t have to do it all in one day.  Your board stays with you until you delete it.

Then, when you have all the fabrics just like you want them.  You click on them and they will take you back to the fabric shop where you can add them to your cart.  Easy peasy!

Here are a few boards I’ve made recently:

one of my recent favorites

lots of pretty roses

forest pretties

As you can see, I do this a lot.

Maybe, you’ve never used pinterest before.  If that is the case, visit here, set up a new account (it’s free).  It’s  a great way to store all your favorite things online.  You can view my pinterest account here.

Today’s fabrics are:

Ann Kelle’s Tiny dots in gold – Robert Kaufman

Confetti Border in Pearlized – Michael Miller

Violet Craft’s Shimmer Reflection – Michael Miller

Hawthorne Thread’s Play stripe in gold

Hawthorne Thread’s Starry night in petal and gold

Arrow Flight Metallic in bright white – Michael Miller

Sleek Chevron Pearlized – Michael Miller

Glitz Metallic Quarter dot white – Michael Miller

Glitz Metallic Quarter dot confection –  Michael Miller

Minky dot in blush –  Michael Miller


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