Monday is all about Fabric #9 – Katarina Roccella prints

I didn’t get much fabric in last week.  It’s been slow in that way.

I did however, get a print or two.

I’ve got this thing for florals.  It’s pretty serious, florals and me.

And this print seriously struck me.  This is the kinda print that has me doing double takes and buckling at the knees.

It makes me think of pretty, wild gardens that are allowed to run amuck without worry or weeding.  The overgrown kind, with every thing mixed in.  The kind I want to spread out a quilt nearby and get lost in a book.

And the colors!  I could be here all day.

This print is from Katarina Roccela’s Lavish line.  Not her latest, but my personal favorite.

Now I like all of Katarina’s fabrics, starting with her first (I think) Recollection fabrics, but her florals are what I love the most about her.  She does florals as if she too loves them the way that I do.

A few examples of my favorites….



Did you get struck too?

Want to get lost in lots of Katarina Roccela / Art Gallery fabrics yumminess?

You can learn more about Katarina on her blog here.

Here are all her fabric lines with Art Gallery Fabrics, click on them to be taken directly to AGF to view all the prints and lookbooks:










Did you know that you can buy fabric directly from AGF?  Yep, look here.  Many even have free shipping.

Also, if you are visiting my link just above, are you noticing the cool combinations that they are putting some of them in?  Oh, and you can buy fat quarters, half yards, and whole yards on many of them.

Who knew?

I have made a few quilts using almost exclusively Katarina Roccela prints.

Here is my pixelated heart quilt in her Recollection line.

This one is available for sale in a crib size here.

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