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How to use the Hex N More Ruler to cut half hexies + Quilt Reveal – Hexagon quilt #7


This ruler can be used for SO many things.  With this ruler you can make 4 different size hexagons and 4 different size equilateral triangles.  There is also some other shapes (a jewel) that I haven’t even explored yet.  In this tutorial I will show you how to use it to cut half hexies.  Buy your ruler here.

I only like to buy rulers that I know I’ll be using for multiple quilts.  And I only like triangular rulers that have the notches.  This takes out all the guess work on your piecing.

If you make a lot of quilts with half hexagons, whole hexagons, or equilateral triangles, I’d recommend this ruler wholeheartedly.

How to use the Hex N More ruler to cut half hexies

This ruler makes 4 different size hexagons.  2.5″, 4.5″, 6.5″ and 8.5″.

For each size hexagon, you will need the following size fabric strip.

2.5″ hexagons = 1.5″ strip of fabric

4.5″ hexagons = 2.5″ strip of fabric

6.5″ hexagons = 3.5″ strip of fabric

8.5″ hexagons = 4.5″ strip of fabric

With your selvedge on your left, line up the solid line that runs down the middle of the Hex n More ruler with the bottom edge of your fabric.  Line the top of your fabric with the top of the ruler.  See pic below.

Note the little notches.  Don’t forget to cut those.  They’ll come in handy when we start piecing.

Now, flip your fabric upside down AND over so that the part of the fabric you just cut is now on your left.  Line up the ruler exactly the way you did before, except this time along with the top and bottom, you will line up the left side.

Make the cut on the right.  See the picture below for reference.


Hexagon quilt #7

I’m thinking this is more like my 8th hexagon quilt, and I forgot to post one, but since I have no pictures of it we will just say this is my 7th hexagon quilt made with half hexies.

This is really one of my favorite quilts to make. It’s kinda like patchwork squares, there are no blocks to make. You go directly from cutting, to layout, and then to piecing.

This particular quilt was made for one of my quilt buyers who chose her own color palette. It feels very sunset like to me.

She wanted it super scrappy. I always start with scraps and see if there is anything that can be used before moving into my stash.

I have baskets labeled by color and any strip of fabric that is under 6″ gets put into these baskets. This quilt uses 4.5″ strips of fabric. Most of my strip scraps are less than that, so I actually didn’t use too many and pulled mostly from stash for this one.

This quilt is made for Anna and I believe this is her third or fourth quilt that I made custom for her. She has become an expert on what she wants. And notices things like backing and binding. She wanted a scrappy back with cheerful colors.

I meander quilted this quilt as always. Anna requested scrappy binding, but I managed to talk her out of it. I felt that with the top so scrappy, the binding would look better more calm and chose Telegrammes from Frances Newcombe Cherie line.

This is my most favorite fabric for binding and I’ve used it many times. I’m down to a 1/4 yard of it. ?

On to finished pics.

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  1. This quilt is SO beautiful and I adore the pillow. Thank you so very much for providing the excellent tutorial.

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