Monday is all about Fabric – #29 – Feline Myself by Dear Stella House Designer

Oh, my, oh my, OH MY!!!

I like when I stumble upon fabrics that I’m just not seeing on the internet/social media/email.  And these fabrics were just that.  Stumbled upon.  It’s like they said, “hey Melanie, you love low volumes and you really love cats, so we made these just for you.”  GIMME, GIMME, NOW!

It’s cats on fabric without being ridiculous.  And I KNOW what ridiculous is, okay?  My daughter has a collection of tshirts that look like this.  She has that very shirt, and about eight more that are similar.  Get me?

But this is subtle.  This isn’t screaming, “I’m a crazy cat lady!”  I do like doggies too, ya know.  I don’t discriminate whatsoever.

Here’s what we’re looking at

Feline Myself in cream / Catitude in cream / Kitty Stripe in cream

These came from Fabrik Shop and I must tell you they have a massive amount of cat fabric.  Have a look for yourself.  The next time I am in need of kitties on fabric, I know where I’m going.


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