Monday is all about fabric – #34 – Liberty Society

My mailbox was once again filled with a package of Liberty Society from Ava & Neve.  I always enjoy this day each month, but recently it is a reminder of how I started a curved pieced quilt, couldn’t make myself happy with my curved piecing, and just left it collecting dust.  I groan just thinking about it.  I want to learn.  Oh, I want to learn and for a bit there I think I was off to a great start.  Then, other projects have filled the senses and this one just was left behind.

Learning new skills takes time and I’ve just got too much else going on to give it the attention it deserves.  So I’m going to shelf it for now and take the weight of it off my shoulders.

Ava & Neve Liberty Art Fabrics Brisbane

But these fabrics continue to build.  They are way too pretty to leave sitting about how I’ve been doing.  Remember my “sprucing up”?  I’m re-doing my bedroom piece by piece.  That includes a new quilt.   I’m taking my time with this re-do, savoring it.   I recently created a new quilt pattern called, “Heavens to Betsy” (not available yet, contact me though if you’d like to be a pattern tester) and I had planned to use the first quilt I make from the pattern for my own bedroom.  I’m going to use my Liberty fabric stash for this quilt.  I’ll probably add in a few other fabrics as well since I’ve got a moody theme planned for my bedroom, but the florals should work out perfectly.  More on this pattern soon!

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Here is what we are looking at this month:

Capel A

Mabelle L

Gracey A

Tresco F

Josue B

Small Susanna B

Emilias Flowers



Mitsi Valeria B

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