Monday is all about fabric – #46 – Random Assortment of Periwinkle

Let’s sip tea and get comfy

It’s Monday once more.  Did you have a good weekend?

Today, I’m drinking my usual tea, this one.  Apparently, I think it’s the only tea, because I’m drinking it almost exclusively.

Time to talk fabric!  I’ve got a random collection of fabrics for you that I cannot stop starting at.

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Somebody said, “hey Melanie, do you think you can make me a quilt with the main color periwinkle?”  To which I said, “yah!”

And then as soon as I had created the little bundle I was swooning.  I did the thing where I start with a single print and go from there.  Although, I actually cheated just a hair.  I used several prints from a single Bonnie Christine collection.  Learn different methods for creating your own fabric collections here.

Here’s what you are looking at:


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If you are in to purchasing pre-cut bundles, there’s a bunch to look at here.  I’m really into this….


Here’s the Bonnie Christine fabrics I started with (the unfolded).  Seems like I’ve mentioned this collection before, but I don’t remember it being in this lovely periwinkle color.  Swoon!

The middle fabric is a Lotta Jansdotter fabric.  I haven’t had many of her fabrics in my hands, but I want to.

I’m very much in love with the text print from AGF.  Just in case you can’t see it, the bold print says, “to love, v. To regard with the other.”  Love!

Also, every time I make a custom collection bundle of fabrics, I keep reaching for this Charleston print by Amy Sinbaldi.  It goes with EVERYTHING.


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