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Hey, sweet friends!

Before I get in depth on my favorite quilty hashtags that I follow, I wanted to remind you that yesterday the Morning Sun Quilt Along started.  Above is the first block.  So excited!  Find the details here if you are interested in still joining.  This quilt along is once a month and will run until October.  Come make a quilt with us!


Product Spotlight

This is a listing for a handcut fat quarter bundle of 5 soft grey, purple and pink fabrics also available as yardage in my shop.

Each fat quarter is 18″ x 22″. Included are 5 fat quarters, three from Dollhouse and two more to compliment. The bundle was curated using the dusky greys and purples of dollhouse

Fabrics included:
(1) 18″ x 22″ Dollhouse Prairie Dot Serene in pink
(1) 18″ x 22″ Playground Posy Chain Fresh Lilly in purple
(1) 18″ x 22″ Dollhouse Waltz Moonlight in dusky grey
(1) 18″ x 22″ Hello Ollie Sweetly Sings Glimmer in grey (certified organic cotton!)
(1) 18″ x 22″ Dollhouse Meadow Posy in natural cream

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I love looking at hashtags on IG.  If you aren’t following me on IG, you can find me here.

Just in case you are not on IG or don’t know how to use it, I’m going to give you a breakdown on hashtags.  Here’s the best thing about them:  I’m going to make a quilt, let’s say this Twirl quilt in the image above.  I type in the search bar ‘twirlquilt’, you’ll get something like this.  I can see all the twirl quilts out there, see what fabrics other quilt maker’s have used and ask questions to those that have already made the pattern.

It’s also a great tool to use for your own stuff.  Let’s say I wanted to track each quilt finish I had this year, I might consider using a custom hashtag like #melanies2018quiltfinishes this way at the end of the year, I can easily track my progress, know how many quilts I finish and see them all pictured in the exact same place.

You can also follow hashtags.  Let’s say you are in a BOM or joining in a quilt along.  You can follow a hashtag and always have those posts from that group popping up in your feed.  This builds community and creates excitement.  Here’s how:  type the hashtag into the search bar, click ‘tags’ on the top row.  Click a hashtag on the list.  Then click the blue follow button.


Support a small shop

Visit Crimson Confection here.  I’ve been following Jennifer for awhile on IG, but I didn’t realize that she had a fabric shop.  I love LOVE love her custom bundles.  Find them here.

Let’s talk about quilty hashtags

Here’s a list of quilty hashtags that I am really enjoying lately:

#quiltersofinstagram – This hashtag is pretty broad.  There are 94k+ posts under it.  It seems any quilt picture will do!  If you are looking to find new quilt makers to follow, you are sure to find a few here.  I don’t know who started this one.  I was on the hunt to figure it out, but got tired of scrolling down, I’m not sure there is an end.

#quiltlove – This is another very broad hashtag.  There are 33k+ posts under it.  Seems like again, any quilt loving picture will do.

#stackofquilts – This is not the most popular hashtag.  It only has a little over 100 posts, but I love a good stack of quilts.  Let’s all go home, put all of our quilts in one big stack, snap a picture and then use this hashtag for it.  Stacks of quilts are the prettiest.  Don’t believe me?  Have a look at this feed and then you can tell me how right I am!

#fabriclove – This one has over 130k posts.  It’s all about fabric.  See a fabric you love, take a pic.  Make a quilt in fabrics that you love, take a pic.  Got a pretty stash, take a….er, you get the idea!

#makemodern – This hashtag has over 59k posts.  It is from Make Modern Magazine and is for anything you make with a modern look to it.  Also, if you post pics of your quilts to this feed and use that hashtag you are eligible for monthly prizes.  Something to think about….

#quiltersgonnaquilt – This is a fun hashtag!  It only has a little over 3k posts, but there are some good ones.

#workingmystashoff – With almost 20k posts, this hashtag is for exactly what it sounds like.  You are making do with fabrics that you have and you are gonna use them!  You’ll find lots of scrappy projects under this hashtag.

#handquilted – This hashtag has over 12k posts.  I gotta tell you, I could look at running stitches all day long! I love the texture of hand quilted.  If you do too, check this one out.

#IGquiltcommunity – This one is just over 3k posts.  It’s very fresh looking.  I’m new to this one, but loving it.  It’s also pretty broad.  Any quilty pictures will do.

#ihavethisthingwithquilts – Another broad one to look at with over 4k posts.  I love this one and use it often.  Also, Bari J has another account by this name and if you use the hashtag, she will sometimes repost you, which is fun.

#sewsewsew – There’s over 40k posts under this one.  Pretty much anything goes, and this one has more than just quilts.  There’s a lot of great pictures with yummy fabrics that I like to look at.

#patchwork – There are 1.4 million posts under this hashtag.  And if you too, like to gaze at lots of fabrics sewn together in yummy patchwork style, go have a look.  You can thank me later!



So there you have it.  Lots of quilty goodness to start exploring!  Go, have a feast for your eyes, make new friends, chat with old friends, don’t forget to use hashtags so we can find your yummy quilt pictures.

Don’t forget to follow me over there.


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