1. What do you love the most about quilt making?   Well, I’d have to be honest and say it’s all those first steps that get me interested . . . the fabric pull, making the trial block and discovering that I love it. I do tend to stall a little on the quilting. I struggle with free motion quilting and get bored with my attempts at straight line quilting, but this year I am attempting more machine quilting. Some quilts get made quickly, others need to brew for a bit!
  2. I love what you are doing with your Anthologie quilt in the Bari J quilt along, how long have you been embroidering?  Your work is gorgeous on those Dresden plates!  Thank you Melanie! Embroidery was something my mum loved to do. Late last year I discovered Nichole’s book ‘Boho Embroidery’ full of contemporary hoop art embellished with freestyle embroidery and I thought I could give that a go. And then, I stumbled across your QAL which was the perfect project for me to try out a few stitches. I can’t seem to get my stitches consistent, but its lots of fun trying.
  3. Are you a fabric hoarder, a minimalist or somewhere in between?   I love to make scrappy quilts so having a good fabric stash is important. I have an eclectic selection of fabric dating back to when I owned a little quilt shop many years ago, so yes I guess I’m a fabric hoarder! Here in NZ patchwork fabrics are very expensive, anywhere from $NZ26 – $NZ34 a metre and many quilt shops have had to close. Consequently my stash is mainly made up of fat ¼’s which I buy locally and now & then ½ yard pieces I buy online. Lately, I’ve also been using my husband’s shirts and more vintage embroideries in my projects; I love this trend of up cycling, this re-using, and this way of valuing the ‘old’.