Sprucing Up – Boho inspired Dresden pillow (sewing finishes)

My niece asked for bows and I started making them.  They are no-sew and just need a hot glue gun (I used this tutorial).  I liked them so much I made some for myself.  Not really to wear, but maybe.

Then I got into my crochet lace stash, and after that I made the little flower blooms (tutorial here) and stuck them on brooch pins.  I started this project right after this one, so I was coming off a Dresden plate high and didn’t want the Dresdens to end.

All of this led to this bohemian inspired idea of a spruced up bedroom.  Things are looking tired in my bedroom and when you have a sewing machine, things can easily be changed.  Women with sewing machines are magic makers, I think.

I’m going to go about this one piece at a time.

First up is my Euro pillows

I created this entire Boho Inspired pinterest board.  And I’d like my bedroom refresher to bring a serious amount of florals to my room, a bit of a moody color palette, and lots and lots of texture.

I made my Dresden plate first in rich, moody colors and different low volumes.  I layered it on top of a Tanya Whelan rose print, and a piece of batting. sewed the Dresden edges down.  Then, I did some decorative stitches between a few of the Dresden blades in gold metallic thread.  This also served as a bit of quilting because I didn’t add any additional quilting to the pillow cover.  I added crochet lace to the center of my dresden instead of the usual circle face and the flower brooch is just pinned.  This way it can be removed when washing.

I added the crochet lace trim to the edges of the pillow as well.  It has an envelope closure, so super simple.

I’m pretty smitten.  There’s two of them.

Here’s some details of the crochet lace.

The metallic stitches were one of my favorite parts.  It’s the little things!

Let me know if you might be interested in a kit for these with all the supplies that you could make yourself.  I’ve had a few people say something about them and I’m not sure how I’d work that out since they are so scrappy, but I’d be willing to try maybe in a smaller size if there was some leeway on fabrics.

If you are interested in having one of these pillows made for you, here are the details.


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