Monday is all about Fabric – #75 – Prints of Tanya Whelan

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I don’t know about you, but fabric is EVERYTHING!  I love buying it, petting it and then gushing with you about it.  I’ll show you my latest fabric purchases and where you can buy it too.  

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For as long as I’ve known of Tanya Whelan I’ve loved her fabrics.  She specializes in that shabby pale look and always includes roses galore.  As a fan of low volume and florals, these fabrics are like striking gold for me.  I sigh and pet them and dream of the quilts that I’ll make.

Grab your tea (or coffee) and let’s gush together.


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Here’s What We Are Looking At

Find a whole bunch more Tanya Whelan fabrics here.


Custom Quilt Labels
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I’m always a bit partial to the tiny florals!  How about you?  But then, larger florals always make me want to embroidery.

I love to use the low volume florals in my quilts as backgrounds.  This quilt here is one such quilt.  And that quilt was also the quilt (one of my favorites I’ve made) that made me say, “Oh, I see.  I’m obsessed with low volumes.”

Here’s another quilt I made with all Tanya Whelan fabrics:

Stomping Grounds Quilt Pattern Available Here

I think I made the above quilt last year.  It’s my Stomping Grounds quilt.  I think I like my current bundle of Tanya Whelan fabrics a bit better than the bundle I used that time.

Oh and here is my favorite pillow I’ve ever made.  I used some of her roses for my background.  Gah!  I’ve got two of those pillows on my bed and everytime I make my bed each morning, I smile and pet them.  Sigh.  Little things….


My Quilt Patterns


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This Week

Thursday is Week 5 for the Star Dance Quilt Along.  I’ll be showing off a finished quilt top.  That leaves you one more week to post the heck out of your quilt on IG.  Remember that the following Thursday, August 31, I’m giving away 3 thread set boxes of Quilt+ thread.  I’m so excited!  This thread is amazing to quilt with and let’s be honest, those boxes are going to last you awhile.  Which of course basically means more money for fabric!  Ha!

Have a good week, sweet friends!



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