A Quilt Maker’s Tale – #7 – Mom’s UFOs

My grandmother could pull any quilt from her closet (that’s where she kept them) and tell you something about it.  One time she pulled one down for me and told me where each fabric had come from, some were clothing that her children had worn.  She remembered every piece.  Every quilt maker has a story to tell.  I want to collect those stories and share them with you. 

A Quilt Maker’s Tale is a series featuring stories from my readers about their experiences with quilts.  The stories are in the quilt maker’s own words and uses their own pictures.  If you’d like to be featured in this series, please have a look here.

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By Marci Parker

Several years ago, when helping Mom go through her UFO’s, we ran across a box of fabric squares she had started to sew together.  She was making two twin size quilts for my brother and me. But, as most often happens, life interfered, including the addition of 3 more children, a few moves around the country, the arrival of grand kids, ect.  So, with her permission I took the box.

In 2017, I decided to make the entire family (24) quilts for Christmas. Each one unique to that family member.  It was a great year.  For my brother, I finished his quilt.  He was unaware that I had this treasure or that Mom had even started it so many years ago.

We lost mom last summer to an 8 year battle with cancer.  I have not been able to finish mine yet.  I do have some peace knowing my brother has a little something to cherish.

You can get to know Maric better on her Instagram feed @craftingmom.

The Ruby Beatrice Quilt

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