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When is it?

The quilt along begins on September 6, 2019 and ends January 3, 2020.


Where do I get the pattern?

You can find the Little Miss Sawtooth pattern available here.


I’m a quilt shop and want to sell the pattern, can I buy in bulk?

Yes.  You can find the pattern here, there are built in discounts for purchasing larger amounts of the pattern.  I’ve also added most of my other patterns there too in paper format.


Where do I sign up?

Click here to sign up to the quilt along.  After you sign up, you’ll receive an immediate confirmation email.  You must confirm that you agree to be on the email list.  If you don’t see a confirmation email, check your spam folder.  After you confirm, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the details for the quilt along.


I’m a beginner, can I still make this quilt?

Yes!  This is a great quilt for a beginner.  It’s a sampler quilt, so there are lots of methods and techniques that you will learn.  Also, there is a video tutorial for every star block to help you along.


What’s the schedule of the blocks?

Sept. 6 – All flying geese units (there are 60, they are the star points)

Sept. 20 – Millie, Josephine, and Sadie

Oct. 4 – Gabrielle and Ava

Oct. 18 – Brianna and Luciana

Nov. 1 – Isla and Olivia

Nov. 15 – Aliyah and Asha

Nov. 29 – Jada and Alana

Dec. 13 – Juliana and Sofia

Dec. 27 – Large 4-patches (there are 15 of them)

Jan. 10 – Finished quilt top


I’m not on Instagram.  🙁

The whole purpose of a quilt along is to make a quilt together.  You think you have big differences with people around the world, but when you have quilt making in common, those differences simply disappear.  Love of this hobby binds us!  We can’t all be together in real life, and Instagram provides a place for you to ooh and aah over other quilter’s work, helps to inspire you, helps keep your goal of finishing the quilt going strong.  Plus, you make friends.  This is about the seventh quilt along I’ve hosted and each and every time I’ve made new friends.  And no, not just internet friends, but friends that pick me up when I’m feeling down, ask me how I’m doing and that I genuinely feel the need to talk to each day.

I’m not here to talk you into joining Instagram.  You can still participate in the quilt along and never pop in there.  If you are not joining in there however, out of want of anonymity, I would tell you that you can have a completely anonymous account there if you so choose.  Don’t post your name, don’t post your location.  Boom.  Just post quilt pictures.

If you still want to connect, but just not in that way, email me.  I always have a few participants that become pen pals of mine of sorts during the quilt along.  They send me pictures of their progress and I ooh and aah.


Tell me about the prizes.

Your odds of winning a prize are not the greatest (there’s a lot of participants!), but it’s still fun to have that chance of winning, isn’t it?!  All prizes will be awarded the same way they were last year on Instagram.  Havel’s Sewing will be awarding prizes the Thursday after every block release.

To be eligible, post a photo or many photos using the hashtag #littlemisssawtoothqal.  You must be following me @southerncharmquilts and @havels_sewing.  The more times you post, the better your chances of winning.

It doesn’t matter if you are up to date with your blocks or behind or jumping in late.  As long as you post your progress, you have a chance to win.

If you are not on Instagram, you can still participate in the quilt along, but won’t be eligible for prizes.  If your account is private you won’t be eligible for prizes because we can’t see your posts.  Consider changing your account to public during the quilt along or setting up an account that you just use for your quilt making.

There will be an array of prizes.  There’s nothing set in stone.  Last year Havel’s gave away cutting mats, rotary cutters, scissors, rulers, seam rippers, a whole bunch and they tend to give away more than one item to each winner.  We’d love it if you posted a photo of your prize if you are lucky enough to win.  Spread the word about how great Havel’s is!


Are there fabric kits?

Yes!!  I have two different bundles on offer:  Autumn Joy and Spellbound.  Those two bundles are for the stars.

I also have bundles for the background:  Little Miss Half Yards, Little Miss Quarter Yards, Whispers bundle and the Mystery bundle.  The Little Miss low volume bundles are put together especially for this quilt pattern, but the other two would do too as long as you bought the half yard option on the Mystery bundle.


Are there any special supplies I need?

All your standard quilting supplies will be needed, the only special items that are needed is the Quilt in a Day Half Square Triangle Ruler.  This ruler is essential for one block in particular (Gabrielle), but is also really great for making perfect little half square triangles.  I’ll be using it repeatedly in the video tutorials.

There is one block that we will be squaring up that’s turned on point (Sofia), you’ll need a 6.5″ square ruler for that.  You could get by with your Quilt in a Day Half Square Triangle Ruler if you need to.

There are SO MANY places to fussy cut in this quilt.  The potential is endless!  I like to use fussy cut rulers for this.  Please keep in mind that you DON’T need this for the quilt.


I need inspiration.  Where can I get it?

This quilt pattern is not a new pattern.  I’ve made it myself like 7 times.  See all my Little Miss Sawtooth Star quilts here.  Want some more?  Click here and here and peruse all the Little Miss Sawtooths of the world.


I’m using scraps.  What are the biggest pieces I need to gather?

This is a great quilt for using your scraps.  The biggest piece needed for the stars and the background is 6.5″.  Everything other fabric cut will be smaller than that.


How do you make the quilt’s background look scrappy like that?

I’ve posted all about that right here.


You always make labels for your quilt patterns.  Do you have one for the Little Miss Sawtooth?

Yep!  You’ll find it here.  And here is how to sew it on.


I have a business in the quilting industry and would like to advertise, have prizes to giveaway or want to be a part of the quilt along.

Email me here with your details.



If you have read all the FAQs above and didn’t find an answer to your question, please email me here.

As always, I am ridiculously excited and squealy and all the other dorky things I do.  So how about you?  Ready to sew?!



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