Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt Along – #1 – 4-at-a-time Flying Geese

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Get go to Havel’s Sewing for post and pattern



4-at-a-time Flying Geese


The Little Miss Sawtooth Star Quilt Paper Pattern

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  1. OMG, my geese are coming out wonky and a little too small, I keep trying to be very careful when sewing that quarter inch and even making it less than a quarter inch!! I think it might be the bias of the fabric causing some issues. I’m at a loss, I really don’t want to cut all new fabric!! I’m thinking I should have done the method where you make then larger and then trim down. Any suggestions?

    1. My biggest suggestion would be to starch your fabrics before you ever make the first cut. This helps me immensely! Our errors are usually in the cutting, 1/4” and pressing.

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