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A month or so back Michael Miller sent me some fabrics, some I requested and some as a gift. I talked about this a bit here. I had intended to use some of these in little pouches, but as soon as I held them in my hands I knew they wanted to be more. And since the Tea Time quilt needed doing, all came together for them being used in this quilt.

The Tea Time quilt pattern is part of my Scrappy Pattern Pack I mentioned a time or two to you. It contains three quilt patterns: Trippy, Migration and Tea Time. They are pretty basic, traditional quilt patterns intended for using up scraps. I’m hoping it releases late this month.


Patchwork + Quilt (a class for learning to quilt)

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  • You will learn: About sewing machines, how to work a sewing machine, a list of basic supplies, quilters terminology, all basic quilting skills, how to read a quilt pattern, how to make each of the blocks in the sampler quilt, how to cut backing and batting fabric, how to wall baste your quilt, how to meander quilt and how to machine bind a quilt
  • Sampler blocks will include skills such as: half square triangles, square in a square blocks, hourglass blocks, flying geese, snowball blocks, log cabins, half rectangle triangles and turning blocks on point.
  • There are 24 lessons in this class
  • 3 hours worth of video tutorials including video tutorials for every step of the way for the Evening Walk quilt
  • Class is set up to come to you by email. Once you purchase, you’ll receive a downloadable PDF where you will click and sign yourself up to the email subscription. Be sure to double opt in to get the classes started (check your spam folder if you don’t receive anything immediately).
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So Tea Time contains exclusively half square triangles. Whoa, I KNOW. That’s some serious work, right? But I LOVE half square triangle quilts and I’ve always wanted one. The beauty of the pattern is not even the quilt pattern, it actually contains three different methods for making half square triangles. This way, no matter what kind of scrap you are sitting on, you will have a method. There’s a video tutorial for each method too. So even if a total HST quilt is too much for you to take on, you still end up with all three methods that should come in useful during your quilt journey.


The fabrics I’m using all are from Michael Miller:

Cotton Couture –

Stardust with Metallic (releases November 2019) –

  • antique
  • teal
  • currant
  • aubergine
  • clay
  • dirt

Marbles with metallic (releases November 2019) –

  • currant
  • cameo

Fairy Frost –


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If you struggle with your half square triangles, this would be a great pattern to up your game. I am over the top with my half square triangle ritual. I like everything to be done just so. I used to struggle with them and if you’ve been around making quilts for a bit, then you know half square triangles are a basic building block and are in gazillions of quilt patterns. Getting them correct can save you headache and frustration when assembling blocks and quilts. I may be anal about my method, but I also end up with a nice, crisp, square shape.

There’s so many of them in this quilt and I find it best to do them in batches. So one day I’m cutting all of them. The next day I’m sewing. It took me about three days to get them all cut and trimmed and another two days to get them all pressed. It took three more days to get the quilt top assembled. Each step got a bit long, but now that I’m done and gazing at my top, I consider all of this worth it. 🙂

Here’s my magic formula ritual:


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There’s something about doing the same thing over and over again. Some might get bored, but for me I tend to find it relaxing. It becomes methodical, I’m going through the motions, my mind lost in everything else while my hands continue to move over the fabrics and shapes. When it’s over and you are done, just like a song, it becomes a timestamp of sorts. That’s the quilt I was making when we on that little trip to the mountains. Stuff like that. I love that kind of thing, don’t you?

This perfectly describes Tea Time for me.



Get a personalized quilt label for your quilt.


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Scrappy Pattern Pack should release at the end of the month. I’m so excited about it. I’ve completed Trippy and I’ve got a reveal post coming this Friday. I’ve have tops for Migration and Tea Time completed and I should have the quilting done on them by the end of the week.

My pattern testers should be done in another week too. There’s a few videos to make, and some edits to do, but that ought to do it.

Thanks for always being supportive and for pushing me to make these scrappier patterns. I’ve been enjoying making them and hope you will too!


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