How to Quilt It – #3 – Lazy S, Loopy Lines + Orange Peel Bloom

Today’s post is part of a series called How to Quilt it.  All posts come with coordinating block patterns that you can find here.

All tutorials in this series are for domestic machines and meant to show you the ends and outs of different designs when free motion quilting.  This series assumes you are already know how to free motion quilt, but are just interested in learning about different designs.  If you are brand new to FMQ and need to learn the basics, consider tackling this quilting technique first.

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I’ve got a new block and quilting tutorial for you today.  The Willow block.  The block is a fun one.  It involves one partial seam, but it has a video tutorial included, so if you’ve never done a partial seam you’ll get it done just fine.

The tutorial today is another one based on “what” you are quilting.  Since there is all strips, I’ve chosen designs that works great for strips and that are pretty common among many who free motion quilt.  There’s also a center orange blossom bloom in the very center.

Let’s go!


Pattern Feature

  • Skill Level:  Beginner friendly
  • Available in PDF
  • Video tutorials included



What we are quilting

So definitely not random today.  It’s all been preplanned and quilting designs were chosen based on the look of the block.  Now that I’ve finished it, I’d probably have chosen a replacement for the loopy line.  I’m not too crazy about it.  I wanted a “lighter” design so that the Lazy Ss could shine a bit more.

Today, I’m going to show you how to quilt:

  • Lazy S – This is the design that you see in all the foreground strips.  Super simple to do, but a bit of an effort to get them to all look the same.  You can tell that even though I didn’t get them all the same, the overall look still looks pretty nice.
  • Loopy Lines – This is the design you see in the background strips.  It’s a wavy lines that loop in both directions.
  • Orange Peel Bloom – The little bloom you see in the very center is the orange peel blossom.


Product Spotlight

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Melanie’s TipI wrote a blog post with video tutorial about this product here.

Get the Details



A Few Thoughts

  • The gloves I’m using are Machingers.
  • I’m using Microquilter in lace white for my top and bobbin thread.
  • You don’t need a fancy machine to free motion quilt, you just need one that has a feed dog that lowers (check your manual).
  • I am quilting on a Bernina 550QE domestic machine.
  • I’ve spray basted my block if you are wondering why there are not any pins.  Here’s the spray I use.
  • This is easier than it looks!





Things to think about

  •  In the video you see me work through this design without cutting my thread, but you may want to pick up and move and work it in your own flow.
  • I like to move starting in the right top corner, moving towards the bottom corner, then pivot and move across the bottom, pivot again and move from bottom left corner to top left corner, then move from top left to top right.
  • Your quilting may look a bit different even if you are using the same designs.  That’s what you you want, for it to look like YOU.
  • If you don’t care for the design I’m using on my block and want to try something different, DO IT.  Let the video just serve you as inspiration and go do your own thing.
  • This is meant to be play time.  Let it be!




If you are wanting to turn this block into a pillow, you can see a tutorial for doing that right here.  If you want to wait another week, I’m going to show you a new way to do so, but this time with binding.



The Little Miss Sawtooth Star Quilt Pattern



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  1. Just wondering if you have considered releasing a pdf of your quilt designs. It would make it so easy to follow while I am trying to quilt the design . Your videos are great and super instructive, thank you so much for providing them!

      1. Exactly ! At the beginning of the video, you showed the paper drawing of the block with the quilting design drawn out. That is exactly what I was talking about. I’m not up on how you create pdfs but that drawing would be perfect!

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