Embroidery – Basic Stitches and Skills


Embroidery is not a subject I talk about much on this blog.  We are all about our quilts, after all.  But there are places for it in quilting too.  Like applique!

Anthologie is being released next month and this tutorial has been designed with that quilt in mind.  There’s a lot of applique and room for hand stitching on Anthologie and so today I’m just going to show you a few basics and some basic stitches that I know that you might find useful when you make Anthologie with me.  There’s a quilt along too, by the way, have you signed up?



I learned how to embroider by taking a class.  This is the class I took and I highly recommend it if you want to further your skills.  Embroidery is one of the most peaceful hobbies.  As of right now, I haven’t embroidered in over a year (which kinda shows a bit in my video, I’m rusty), and while making this video and working on Anthologie, I’ve been reminded of what I’ve been missing.  It’s slow like all handwork, portable, and calming.  I’m going to try to add it back into my habits a bit more.



Video Tutorial








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  1. This video tutorial brings back fun teenage memories of embroidering my denim cutoff shorts every summer!! Can’t wait to try again?

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