How To Cut Fabric (using a fat quarter diagram) – Video Tutorial

Today I’m showing you how to cut fabric with a rotary cutter and a ruler, but specifically how to cut fabric when your pattern includes a fat quarter diagram.

Let’s dig in!

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Used in the Video

If you’d like a copy of the fat quarter diagram to follow along, you can find it here.

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The Video Tutorial

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  1. I just watched the tutorial on cutting Fat Quarters. You did a wonderful job explaining everything! Thank you! I have one question. I was told, never to trust the accuracy of the lines on the mat. You should measure using the ruler measurements to cut. Is this true?? I’ve always followed that rule.
    I’d love to hear your answer. Thank you

    1. I’ve heard that too, but I’ve not found it to be true on any of the mats I’ve purchased. I’m thinking that school of thought came from older mats from ages ago? But not sure. My grandmother had a cutting mat that wasn’t anything like what we use today, but it did have lines. Unfortunately I never measured them. Maybe just measure the mat if it makes you feel better. I’ve seen other quilters cut using just the ruler and I can’t wrap my head around it. Granted I’m self taught, so I don’t know if my ways are traditionally accurate, but they are the ways that I’ve found best serve me. Glad to hear you enjoyed the tutorial!

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