Working on Claws – Sugar Bear Quilt

The posts in this series are all part of the pattern, Sugar Bear.  These are not tutorials or how to videos, but are of me making this quilt.  It’s meant to be similar to a self guided quilt along and hopefully feel like we are making this quilt together (even if you are finding this years later).  Do tag me on Instagram (@southerncharmquilts)!  I’d love to see what you do with it.  🙂

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We are getting those claws/points, whatever you want to call them, OUT OF THE WAY. This way we can just grab a completed set as we work our way through the blocks.

Fabric I’m Using



Claws Working Video



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Video Summary

In this video, I go over some thoughts about which fabrics to use for your claws. I show you the fabric bundle I’m using and why I’m choosing these fabrics as my claws. Then we work our way through making half rectangle triangles and then pairing them up.

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  1. Do I need to have the pattern to make this? Or will you be posting the pattern each time you go over a block?

  2. I’m late to the QAL but just to be sure I’m trimming the claws right– I don’t have the ruler so I am using the paper template idea from your video. My paper template and my finished claws should measure 2.5″ x 4.5″ ? And once I start trimming the other pile of HRT’s, I should move my paper template to the other corner of my ruler in order to follow the seam line/angle of claw before trimming – is this correct?

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