Sugar Bear Quilt #2 – Velvet fabrics – In Progress


Sugar Bear Quilt

I’ve completed my second flimsy of Sugar Bear. I have so enjoyed making this one again. I think it’s a pattern you’ll end up seeing me repeat over and over. I LOVE sampler quilts!

See my other Sugar Bear Quilts here:

Find the pattern here.







I made this one with the Velvet fabrics from Amy Sinbaldi. Not my usual color palette…again, but the fabrics are so delicate and feminine I could not resist. I LOVE the dark green in every block’s center. It might be my most favorite part of this quilt.

Though the Velvet fabrics didn’t have much to fussy cut, I found a few little nuggets and went to town with them. Trying to fussy cut every block is so much fun. I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed that.

I basically made this quilt on video working through it for an added bonus on the pattern. You can see those here if interested.







I’m thinking I’ll quilt this one the same as my last one except maybe not echo ruler work around the blocks…..? That took quite a bit of time and I’m wondering of what the difference in look would be if I skipped it. I have a mind to do it just to find out the difference, so I’ll know.

Maybe do a little less quilting this time on the inside of the blocks? Maybe just ditch stitch them? Everything is up in the air. Lol. The only thing I know for sure is that I’ll do the background the same. That’s the part I loved the most on my last version anyway.

Though, now that I’m thinking about it I had a bit of a hard time doing my background design up and down the cornerstones in the center of the block and the cornerstones between the blocks, maybe I’ll try something different there too? Ugh. Someone just come and give me all the answers….





The quilt tops are starting to pile up over here…..I better get to quilting. Ha! I seem to go from one extreme to the next, a great NEED to quilt my little heart out and then to soul gripping groan at the thought. Sigh. Ebbs and flows, amiright?






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  1. The addition of that aqua is just wonderful!! Have you ever considered a longarm? It’s an investment, but it simplifies a lot! You do a great job with your machine. I can just imagine how fast you would be with a longarm!!!!

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