Earthy Goodness – My own fabric collection

Earthy Goodness

I have officially designed my own fabric collection. Yes! And I am excited. Very, very excited.

Designing fabric has been in the back of my head for probably as long as I’ve been quilting. This is true for a good many quilters. We know what fabric we want and how we want it to look, and you can’t help but dream up what it would look like if you decided to make your own.

My problem has always been that I don’t draw very well. Lol. But no, really, that’s true. Turns out it’s about a lot more than just drawing.

How it happened

Last fall (2020), I bought the procreate app and apple pencil. My plan was just to doodle here and there as a way to relax and de-stress. I also was thinking that it might help me design more free motion quilting designs.

But I found myself drawing flowers mostly and other little nature bits. With an ipad and pencil, I found it wasn’t as hard to make something look pretty. I started drawing every single day. Some of it was awful, but a lot of it was okay.

When I had more doodles than I knew what to do with it, I transferred it all to Illustrator with an idea of let’s just see if it could be pretty in a pattern repeat.

Now here we are! I had it printed up. The manufacturer sent me samples this very week. So I present… my first collection, Earthy Goodness.

Here’s a little video…

The Fabrics

I’m currently taking pre-orders for Earthy Goodness. You can purchase these individually or in a variety of bundles and fabric cuts. I’m not sure if we will do a second run of them or not (still learning how to work this process).

Mock Ups

I’ve gone ahead and done a few mock ups of some of the patterns in the book in the Earthy Goodness fabrics. Here’s a look…

This first one is the LuLu Louise quilt using 14 of the fabrics from Earthy Goodness and Vintage Lace background (2 3/4 yards).

The quilt above is the Hello Posy quilt using 14 of the fabrics from Earthy Goodness and Merengue background (2 3/4 yard), and English Toffee for the fabric centers (1/4 yard).

The quilt above is the Mariposa quilt using 6 of the fabrics from Earthy Goodness and Porcelan background (3 yards), and English Toffee for the fabric centers (1/4 yard).


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