My new fabric collection – Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea

I’m excited to tell you about my next fabric collection, Cinnamon Tea. I spent late summer and early fall of 2021 drawing these up and all the months since then working on the colors. I finally have my samples in and I’m ready to show them to you.

Just a reminder that my fabric collections can only be purchased in my own fabric shop, Meander + Make.

You can see my previous collections below:

You can pre-order Cinnamon Tea right here. It releases in March.

I’ve posted a new Youtube video below where I discuss everything about the fabrics, the drawings, and the colors if you are interested in hearing more.

Common Questions

I have not been picked up by one of the big fabric manufacturers as many of you know (I’m fine with this btw), and am having these fabrics custom printed on my own.

The quality of the fabrics is lovely! They are soft with a lovely light sheen to them. All are quilting cottons.

Because I’m doing this on my own, I really count on the amount of pre-orders I receive to determine how much fabric I have printed up. I can’t just order a few bolts when I run out.

I plan on placing my order for these on February 10, so that I can have them for March’s quilt along. If you place an order before then, you WILL get a bundle.

After I have them, I will be listing individual bolts with any remaining yardage leftover. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to get the one fabric you were wanting. So sorry about that, but I do plan on placing a significant order for the individual fabrics, so I’m hoping I’ll have plenty if you prefer to just get a few of the fabrics.

Here’s a little video…

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Mock Ups

I’ve gone ahead and done a few mock ups of some of my patterns…


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