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Grandmother’s Flower Garden – The one with the Leaf Clusters – The Rescue Quilts #17 – Quilt Reveal

It’s been a while since I’ve finshed up a rescue quilt, but it’s finally HAPPENED! Or more like, I finally got around to it.

I really do love finishing these up and taking a moment to really give them a good gaze. I like to think about what might the maker might have thought about.

I have done SO MANY of these Grandmother’s Flower Garden, but this one is a bit special.

Keep scrolling to hear why…

The Rescue Quilts

The Rescue Quilt series is about finishing up quilt tops that were never completed by other quilt makers.  

The goal is to honor the quilt maker who made the quilt top by completing their project, to not waste good craftsmanship (usually done by hand), to ogle long ago yummy fabrics, and to breathe in a little old inspiration and make it new again.  

You can view all parts of this series here.

Want to get started on finishing your own Rescue quilts?  Here are a few articles to get you started:

About the Quilt

The pattern on this one is Grandmother’s Flower Garden, one of the most recognizable quilt patterns. And it would seem that everybody’s grandmother has one of these that she made or was made for her, or at least everyone of us middle aged or older. I have quilted and finished many of these quilts.

Today, we make these using the English Paper Piecing (EPP) method, but back in the day, they hand pieced them without the help of those sweet little paper hexagons. Not as strong as how we make them today, but strong enough it would seem as so many are still around us.

See Grandmother’s Flower Garden tops on Etsy.

See Grandmother’s Flower Garden tops on Ebay.

See my Pinterest board of Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts.

There seems to be ENDLESS versions of GMFG quilts, and I’m talking about the pattern here. Here’s a few of the one’s I’ve finished:

What’s unique about this version is the minty green triangle clusters between each of the flowers. I hadn’t seen this prior to finding this quilt. Upon research, I have found similar versions, but there far and few between.

The clusters almost seem like leaves or maybe even another round of the flower. My eyes keep seeing different things every time I gaze long enough.

The mint green repeat really ties the quilt together that would otherwise be very scrappy mismatch. I LOVE it!

I quilted this one by machine using a crescent moon repeat design. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the design, but it was A LOT of quilting, very dense! And I think it will make the quilt good and strong and able to last for years to come.

Since all of the flowers have the same faded yellow center, I tried to match my binding to it best I could. I’m using Cotton Couture Bamboo.

Quilt Details:

Pattern – Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Size – 66″x77″

Top Fabrics – Rescue quilt

Backing FabricsOmbre Confetti in Natural

BindingCotton Couture Bamboo

Batting – Warm and Natural batting by the Warm Company

Thread –  Wonderfil in Tutti in Shell for quilting

Techniques UsedFree motion quilting, ditch binding

I will be putting this one for sale soon, until then I’m off to snuggle!


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