Details about the Happyfolk Quilt Pattern

About the Happyfolk Quilt Pattern

This post is all about encouragement! I know this pattern looks hard, and to be completely transparent, it’s a bit time consuming. BUT IT’S NOT DIFFICULT! This is a beginner quilt pattern. AND YOU CAN DO THIS! Also, it’s fun! Like crazy hand clapping fun.

Let’s dig in!

See all of past Happyfolk quilts here.

Get the Happyfolk pattern here.

A Walk Through

This pattern starts out making your plates. There’s only 16 of them. They are YUM! And an absolutely joy to take pictures of.

Are you thinking you don’t know how to do this? The pattern comes with video tutorials. Here they are below too if you need a visual.

Keep scrolling if you need the tools for this…

The Background

Once you get the Dresden plates complete, you’ll work on the background of the blocks. I’ve left that Dresden empty for a reason – to show off a cool background!

The background plays with half square triangles. There are three half square triangles per block. Not too bad! You can do this! And if you haven’t ever… here’s a video tutorial for that.

What’s next

Once all your blocks are done, you are going to arrange them into a big sawtooth star. Come on! You know you love stars! NAME a quilter who doesn’t like stars! You’ll be hard pressed to find one, I think.

This is not a big quilt. It measures 64″ square which makes it absolutely perfect for sofa snuggling, picnicking or hanging on your wall and showing off all YOUR glory as a quilter.


  • You’ll need the pattern obviously, get it here.
  • You don’t NEED the Dresden ruler, the pattern comes with a template, but here it is if you want to make things a thousand times easier on yourself.
  • I’m sure you have a favorite way of making your HSTs, but if you like the rulers I used in my videos… Here’s the big HST ruler, the small HST ruler and the 12.5″ square ruler (depending on which method you prefer).

Use the #happyfolkquilt for perusing Instagram and seeing other versions of this quilt!


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