Another Easy Machine Cover – This time for the Juki

Peeps!  I am so dying over these machine covers.  So many years without one and now I have two of them!  One for each of the machines.  Absolutely thrilled!

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You might remember last week’s post with the free pattern for the machine cover, well, I used the same pattern to make this one.  I just changed the panels up.  This is the machine cover I worked up with the sew along from here.  While everyone else was making that cute caravan, I was doing this.  I did end up having to write my own pattern because I needed this to fit my Juki and I wanted tiny patchwork instead of the caravan.

Here is the pattern.

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Keep in mind though it was written for the sawtooth star, but I’m going to tell you how to change all of it.

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Instead of making the star on the front and back of the panels.  Just piece together (48) 2.5″ squares layed out in 8 rows across and 6 rows down for the front and back cover.  I alternated my seams for each row and then pressed all seams open when sewing the rows together.  After this change, everything else is the same with the pattern..

For the gusset, before you sew them to the front and back, but after you quilt them, I added a Dresden plate on each side.  I centered it, and stitched it 2.5″ from the bottom of each side.

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If you need help learning to make Dresden plates, you can find that info here.

For the Dresdens, I used the following fabrics:

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Other Supplies

PatternEasy Machine Cover – Altered

Size – 20x15x10″

Blocks – (48) 2.5″ blocks on both sides of the front and back

Binding – Cotton Couture in misty by Michael Miller

BattingSoft and Stable

Thread – Quilt Plus by Coats for piecing, Sulky in Jade Tint for quilting, Perle Cotton in fuchsia for the big stitch binding

Techniques Used – meander quilting, Big Stitch Hand Binding

Just a note in case you are wondering, I made the same size cover for both my Bernina 550 and my Juki 2000 without making any changes.  They are not the same size machine, but the cover still fit both, although with the Juki, you can see that bar that holds the thread makes it have a bump in the cover.  It’s something I can live with.  This cover fit my Bernina extremely well, even with it’s tray on.

I’m over the moon for this type of binding.  This is only the second time I’ve tried it (on both covers).  I’m really wanting to try it on a quilt.

Oh, one more thing I wanted to mention:  I didn’t use interfacing on my lining, and I’m perfectly fine with that.  I will say though that the inside of the cover is a bit floppy.  I’m thinking it’s the inside and it doesn’t matter (it’s not like it’s a tote bag or something), but I wanted to give you a chance to decide for yourself whether you are okay with that or not.  It doesn’t show when the cover is on the moon, so I’m good.

Have a good weekend, sweet friends!!


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