DANDY QUILT ALONG – Week 5 Sewing Blocks Together for a Finished Quilt Top

Welcome back to the Dandy Quilt Along. In today’s demo, we’ll be sewing together the blocks from week 5 to create a finished quilt top.

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When sewing blocks together for a finished quilt top, there are several important considerations to ensure your quilt is well-constructed and visually pleasing. Here are some key points:

  1. Accurate Seam Allowances: Maintain a consistent 1/4 inch seam allowance to ensure your blocks fit together correctly and your quilt top lies flat.
  2. Pressing Seams: Carefully press the seams. Press each row in alternating directions. Proper pressing reduces bulk and helps blocks align better.
  3. Joining Rows: Sew blocks into rows first and then join the rows together. This method helps manage the quilt top’s overall alignment and reduces distortion.
  4. Pinning: Use pins to keep seams aligned, especially at intersections. This helps to match points and ensures a neat finish.
  5. Chain Piecing: To save time and ensure consistency, use chain piecing, sewing multiple blocks or units in a continuous chain without cutting the thread between pieces.
  6. Nesting Seams: When pressing seams to one side, nest them (press in opposite directions) at intersections to reduce bulk and achieve sharp points.

Paying attention to these details ensures that your quilt top comes together smoothly and looks beautiful when finished.

DANDY QUILT ALONG – Week 5 – Sewing Blocks Together for a Finished Quilt Top

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