Quilt Reveal – Dandy Quilt #2 in Clover Fabrics

Quilt Reveal – Dandy Quilt #2 in Clover Fabrics

I’ve put a new video and article on my site about #dandyquilt that I just finished. Yall. This new AI tech wrote this…..
“Prepare to be whisked away in a whirlwind of fabric and thread! Delve into the world of the Dandy pattern quilt as we explore quilt top finishes, FMQ shenanigans, and the many splendors of Clover fabrics. Immerse yourself in a cascade of Acqua di Rose backing and All Waves Settle French Blush binding. Fancy a tour of our sewing machines? We’ve got link vehicles ready. Don’t forget, tutorials are always on offer, plus, get on our email list for a treasure trove of free patterns!”
I mean… that’s scary good right? All I did was give it the video I made and tell it to be humorous. 😂 Tell the truth, could you tell I didn’t write that? LOL. Anyway, new video/blog post up about this quilt. Direct link in my profile. #cloverfabrics