Wandering Quilt – Alissa’s, Sea Aquarium + an update on my honey bee quilt

Just in case you are not familiar with traveling quilts here is the idea:  Each member of your group creates a starter block and usually writes a journal with details, theme and style they would like their quilt to end up.  You send your starter block to another member in your group (usually there is a list, and you send it to the next lady on the list), they have a month to add on to your starter block and get your quilt going.  Then, they send it to the next woman on the list and so on and so on until your quilt arrives back to you.  In the meantime, as your quilt is traveling to each member of your group, their quilts are as well, so you will be adding to their quilts.

We have 10 women in our group.  That means that 9 ladies besides me will be working on my quilt and I will be working on 9 different quilts.  All themed.  Here is my wandering quilt.

Our group runs January 2017 – October 2017.

As you can see, my honey bee quilt has grown.

Last month, she spent in New York, where she was added onto by Susan.

Susan took my journal of ideas to heart and did exactly what I had hoped.

I love that the ’round’ (the next border of a medallion), that she did is two tones.  One corner and side is a minty aqua color and the other is much paler.  There is room to breathe.  Sometimes medallion quilts can feel busy.  I like that this one doesn’t.

She used some of my applique flowers I had prepared and sent along with my quilt top and then she also added some beautiful ones of her own.

And the bees!

They are my favorite part!  I squealed with joy when she posted this picture above.

My honey bee quilt has headed to Florida for the month of March (sounds nice doesn’t it).  Orlando to be exact.

Alissa’s quilt

While Alissa will have my quilt for the month, I have received Alissa’s.

Her quilt theme is ‘Sea Aquarium’, and naturally it’s about ocean life.  But not just ocean life.

Alissa’s journal (which I forgot to photograph), details how to make her quilt degrade in color.  So the top part she wants to start out with very pale aquas, and the middle to be teals, and then the bottom should be in darker blues.  Just like the actual ocean would look.


I like this turtle.  A LOT.  It’s a 12″ block paper piecing pattern available by Quiet Play.  You can purchase it here.

I was also thinking maybe some fish.

folksy fish {new patterns!}:

 The great thing about this pattern, called Folksy Fish is it’s more than just a block.  It’s a whole quilt pattern.  They are all paper pieced, plus it teaches how to make gradual curves.  I’ve tried learning curves on my own and I’m not having much luck.  A pattern might be just what I need.

So a few of these fish swimming around my turtle.  Sound good?

I wish I knew the size of the Folksy fish before I purchase the pattern, just so I can be sure they actually work.

I’ve been on Pinterest for Inspiration, but these are the only fish that I’m just crazy in love with.  I guess I’m just not a ‘fish’ girl (although I went to a fish fry this weekend.  Croppy.  Amazing!).

So here is my breakdown.

Folksy fish credit from hereTurtle credit from here.

I’m not sure!  I think I’m not crazy about it.  What if it was all fish and no turtle?

What if I just did the turtle on a fish fabric?  Ugh.

Those fish are really cool.  I’m thinking bright jewel toned fish on multi shade of blue background.  Then, when I attach it to the bottom I could have the deep ocean part and I have A LOT of blue fabrics.

(minutes and minutes and minutes later)

So I think both are too much.  It’s busy, right?  Pick one, Melanie!  Fish or turtle?


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  1. I like the turtle and fish but think I would use the same background as the seahorse on both of them and put it all three together in one quilt.

    1. I agree with you on the background. I think I’m going to end up doing just the turtle, but on a scrappy background just like the seahorse. 🙂

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