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The Nora Hexagon Quilt Pattern Release + Quilt Reveal

It feels like I’ve been working on this pattern for a month.  There has been major setbacks due to some printer issues I have had.  All is well now and the pattern is now for sale here.

I really, REALLY love this quilt.  It is inspired my great grandmother, Nora.  She was a talented quilt maker who only ever hand stitched.  That includes piecing and the quilting.  This didn’t stop her from making closets full of quilts.  Read more about Nora here and the quilt that inspired this one.

Unlike Nora’s original quilt, my hexagon are large.  Very large, 8.5 inches large.  They are also pieced using half the hexagon at a time.  Making this quilt extremely easy to put together.

There is no putting together of blocks.  You just cut your pieces and go straight to laying your quilt out.

The quilt measures 80×80″ square.

I like quilts with a lot of negative space.  It really shows off the quilting.  For this reason I tightened up my usual meander making it very tiny to get an even more textured look.

I’m in the habit of scrappy backing every quilt.  This quilt ended up with three different fabrics on the back.

I loved using the Art Gallery denims.

This quilt is for sale here.

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