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Quilt Reveal – Hexagon #4 + Granny Chic style + Quilt Kit chatter

And again……

I have decided that my favorite part of quilt making is choosing and cutting the fabrics.

Is that weird?  That I enjoy cutting fabrics. Sometimes I will spend near two hours standing at my cutting table simply cutting up the pieces for a quilt top.

But I like it.

I’m thinking that it’s probably more that I enjoy the beginning of the quilt, even more than I enjoy the end.

The beginning is exciting. It’s new and fresh. There is this element of unknown. Because truth be told when I pull a whole bunch of fabrics for a quilt I don’t really know what it will look like.

I know I like the fabrics I chose. I know they look pretty beside each other. I know that I may or may not have purged some great fabrics and decluttered some scrap baskets.  Which makes me feel good.

But I don’t know.  

Not until the blocks start coming together or in the case of this hexagon quilt (my 4th one), it’s up on my design wall.

Or when my kitty poses on top of it. And then I know. Peachy-boy looks good on top of all the quilts. I think it’s his gray coat.

The truth of the matter is, I think all scrappy looks good. It makes me think of grandmothers, of sweet little old houses that are neat and tidy with lots of tiny figurines that look like clutter at first until you start examining them piece by piece and realize how cute they are. Have you ever noticed how warm it is in these tiny little old houses?  Figuratively and literally.

This leads me to my own personal style. I like the granny chic. I like mismatched furniture. And loud pops of color. I like baskets of yarn and crochet blankets thrown everywhere. I like, I like, I like.

If you click the above picture it will take you to my ‘BE granny chic’ pinterest board where you can see how obsessive I can be.  But here are the credits left to right:

  1. sofa and wall overload lovely
  2. warm and cozy in front of the fire
  3. happy sunny kitchen
  4. come sit in me chair
  5. color me lovely bed
  6. how many pieces of incredible handmade can this sofa hold

Too much is my favorite kind.  Scrappy.  Colorful.  Florals.  I need to visit more estate sales so that my house can look like the pictures above.  Surrounded by all that I doubt I can ever be unhappy.

I have learned a secret.  I don’t have to be that great at pairing fabrics.  Scrappy is pretty without any help from me.  All I really need to do to make it look great is buy pretty fabrics in cheerful colors.  It will take care of itself from there.

I was telling you that I like cutting fabric for scrappy quilts.

Last week I sold a quilt kit to the loveliest woman, and it got me to thinking.  This is the part I love.  Why am i not doing more of this?  I am sitting on top of baskets of scrap fabrics.  More fabrics for more quilts than one woman could ever make, even me.  What if I cut all the pieces up for you?  So not like a quilt kit where you just receive fabric and pattern, MY kits would be everything cut up for you and all you have to do is start sewing.  Is there a market for this besides the one I sold last week?

It would require a love for scrappy from you.  And require for you not to need to pick your own fabrics.  You could always say “heavy on the turquoise” or “yellow, pink and orange only”, and I would try to accommodate you.

This is what I’m going to be working for the next few weeks.  Of course, if I knew there was interest I might work faster so feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment that this might be right up your alley.

Quilt Details

queen size half hexie quilt pattern


288 half hexies

most fabrics from stash and scraps

Helpful Links

purchase a hexagon quilt




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