Monday is all About Fabric #5 – Random fabrics added to my stash

I don’t have a yummy new fabric collection for you today.  What I do have is some fabrics I added to my stash this week.

In an old dresser moved down here in my basement studio I have all of my stash (not my scraps).  It is all color coordinated.  I have two colors per drawer, and one large drawer devoted to just low volume fabrics.

Recently, I have just annihilated my yellow stash, so I wanted to get some new yellows to have on hand when I need them.

There are three ways I buy fabric: when  a fabric collection comes along that I can’t live without, when I have a custom order and need particular fabrics OR when a certain color in the stash is getting low.

So there was no reason for this purchase except for my low yellow stash.  In this case, I like to shop a particular way.

I visit Hawthorne Threads.  I really like the ease of their website.  Everything is organized and easy to find.  I like to browse their SALE section here.  And I rummaged around in there until I had a suitable number of yellow fabrics to add.  I also found some other fabrics to add.  I’ve gotten to where I can’t say no to tiny florals.

This is a fun way to shop and what could be wrong with saving a little money while doing it.  Most of these fabrics I purchased were $3ish a half yard.

Here is a list of the fabrics you see in my pictures:

Eclipse in Golden – Joel Dewberry

Monarch in Golden – Joel Dewberry

Ziggy in Gold – Joel Dewberry

Dress Floral in Willow – Denise Schmidt

Scattered Posies in Olive – Laura Gunn

Wild Flowers in White – Annabel Wrigley

Berries in White – Annabel Wrigley – out of stock

Petite Flowers in Yellow – Annabel Wrigley

Wild Flowers in Turquoise – Annabel Wrigley

Necklace in Nature – Elizabeth Hartman

Floralism in Gold – Pat Bravo

Intertwill in Gold – Pat Bravo


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