Monday is all about fabric – #18 – June’s Liberty Society

Go make a cup of tea (this one is my current favorite), get cozy, and prepare to browse through the lusciousness that Ava & Neve has sent to my doorstep.

I tell ya, it’s divine!

Plus, there is an added bonus this month.  Martina, one of the gals behind Ava & Neve let me curate this month’s bundle.  So yeah, I’m pretty excited.  And if you are a member of the Liberty Society, thanks for letting me choose all your fabrics this month, oh and also, YOUR WELCOME ;).

Okay, let’s get to it.

It all started for me when I laid my eyes on this precious, dainty, feminine, and swoon-worthy print (and yes, all those words do adequately describe this one).  This is the creme de la creme of low volume prints for me.  This one is called “Elizabeth B”.

These three are my favorites.  Like seriously.   It’s as if the universe knew I would be getting these prints around Independence Day.

I had to choose a navy blue, of course.  It is my favorite of all the colors.  But that red!  I like that print, with it’s cool girl flowers.  I’m gushing a little, are you?  ;).

(insert a choir of angels here)

What I like about being a member of Liberty Society

1.)  Fabric just showing up each month is awesome.  Who could deny that?

2.)  I like it being curated for me.  There might be a print out there I didn’t know I would love, that I would never have chosen myself.

3.)  I truly believe that they could send me ANY.  SINGLE. Liberty Tana lawn print and I would be in love with it.

4.)  All Liberty prints just seem to work together.  I could mix and mingle just about anything.

5.)  I am truly an addict for tiny florals!  Aren’t you?

6.)  I love the idea of supporting a small business owned by the sweetest, fun and engaging gal (find Martina here).

7.)  Being a member of a club means getting 10 different prints each month, and they start to pile up fast.  You could have a pretty nice collection in a matter of a couple of months.

8.)  The Liberty Society has FREE shipping!

9.)  Each month, Martina, includes a little “key”.  It shows what fabrics she is sending you.  So if you wanted to reorder more of a particular print.  You are set!  I have not experienced this with other clubs.  How often have I wondered the name of a print and not been able to find it!!

10.)  And finally, as if you needed another reason, I give you Liberty inspiration smorgasbord.

I used up the vast majority of my Liberty fabrics on this quilt.  But I had a pretty good amount of scraps leftover and then I’ve received this months bundle as well, so I’m ready to start another Liberty quilt.  (can’t stop, won’t stop).

I have worked out this pattern.

The sizes listed above is what you should cut your fabrics.  It all works out to a 12.5″ block.  I just haven’t decided on background yet.  This is like one of the easiest quilt blocks you could make!

What are you doing with your Liberty fabrics?  Tell me, show me, just lemme’ see.



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