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Quilt Reveal – Flying Home Quilt

I was participating in a fabric stack challenge over at Stitched in Color, and True Blue was the very first stack.  As soon as I took a photo of that stack I knew I couldn’t just put it all back in my stash.  I HAD to use it.  And since that very next week, I was working on my second to last post of the Piece like a Rock Star series and learning to make flying geese that is exactly what I did with this stack of fabric.  Of course more fabric had to be added, you know me.

I am currently in the habit of forcing myself to write EVERYTHING down.  The things I forget are astounding.

When I first decided to turn this into a flying geese quilt, I pulled the 3.5″ square bin down, pulled a number out and proceeded to making my lines on the backs of all them.  A week went by and then I cut all of my rectangles up from the True Blue fabric stack.  I began to piece the flying geese and realizing that I had not cut enough squares to cover all the rectangles with.  I went ahead and put it on the design wall just to “see” and decided to go with it.  So that’s why you see some pieces in my flying geese quilt that are not so flying geese. 🙂

I have wanted to make this quilt since 2008 when I first started making quilts.  It took me forever to just start it.  You know the feeling.  There are SO MANY OTHER QUILTS to make.  But really, this quilt design, as old as forever, is simply one of the coolest in my opinion.

Since it was so cool I felt like it deserved something other than my normal meandering quilting.  BIG MISTAKE (well, not really).  I’ve been trying for the past few years to learn more about myself.  That stuff we don’t notice, but is there.  I just want to be aware of it.

I know that I don’t like to use my walking foot when quilting unless it’s something very small.  I get bored.  It takes a really long time.  I don’t find it relaxing.  Or soothing.  Or therapeutic.  Or any of all the reasons I enjoy FMQ for.

But I do think it looks phenomenal and super trendy and cool (all the cool quilters use it).

My point is that if I’m getting irritated by using a method I don’t like, why am I using it?  Therefore, this is the last SLQ you will see from for the near future.

Still, it looks really cool!

Inspiration for Flying Geese quilts (<——are you following me on Pinterest?  Please do!  X )

This quilt is for sale in my shop here.

If you might be interested in this same quilt in a different size, that is also offered in my shop here.

Quilt Pattern Details

Quilt measures 60×60″

Each Flying Geese measures 3.5×6.5″

Layout 10 columns of geese across, and 20 rows down

Cutting Instructions – used (200) 3.5×6.5″ rectangles and (400) 3.5″ squares ( or should I have.  Remember I messed this part up in the beginning.)

Flying Geese tutorial here


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