Quilt Reveal – Moon Goddess #2 – Wildflower Fields Bundle


I can’t think of a finish this year that I enjoyed more than this one.  This was so much fun.  A sharp contrast to my last Moon Goddess when I was being all particular about my decisions.  I felt so good using these fabrics.  They were scrumptious and yummy and made the whole thing enjoyable.

My Moon Goddess quilt pattern released last week.  It’s naturally scrappy, so you won’t even have to work for it.  I made the twin size this time around and I believe it had like 22 fat quarters for the foreground, so yeah, naturally scrappy.


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Another gold quilt for the books, are you surprised?  Ha!  I doubt it.  You know me by now.  But this one is bright and happy, at least.  I really went for it on the FMQ as well.  Stretching hard.  It’s definitely not perfect, but I do believe it’s getting better.  Those feathers around the Moon blocks were my favorite.  I plan on having a tutorial for feather FMQ soonish.





If you follow me on IG, then you’ve seen this wide back fabric already.  It was GORGEOUS.  Hands down best backing I’ve backed a quilt with yet.  It just blended so nicely.  We’ve had it in the shop for a couple of weeks and have sold out.  I’ve tried to reorder, but the run has been completed by the manufacturer.  I did order the same fabric in a different colorway and am expecting that soon.

It’s a lovely watercolor floral called Arabesque.

We are working hard to stock up on wide backs at Meander + Make, but every time we get a good one it sells out quickly and the manufacturers just aren’t making enough of them.  Sadly, this is the only quilt, I’ll get to back with this particular one.

We do have at least a dozen pre-ordered for this year though, so I should start carrying more very soon.





The feathers around the Moon blocks were easier than I had thought they’d be.  Not my first time with a feather, but definitely my biggest feather yet and the fact that it curved so made me nervous.  It turned out to be pretty full proof though.  My mistakes don’t show as much as I thought they would.  Each one is a tad bit different since I was doing them free hand, but I think that’s okay.

The Goddess block though was not so well planned.  I wanted to echo each shape and then add a bunch of lines echoing again.  I didn’t use a ruler or mark the quilt in anyway, so some of them look a little wonky.  Maybe in the future I should mark them, but there is so much quilting in that block that I think it’s a bit harder to notice.  So no harm done.

I did tornados in the diamond units (not the plan), but I love it.  Makes the diamond units looks like they are moving a bit.

Also, for the first time, I did ribbon curls (corners of Moon blocks) and whoa.  I was surprised to find this not as easy as it looks.  Perfection was WAY beyond this girl.  It doesn’t even matter though, and the more I did them the better I got at it.  And that’s the whole point anyway.



Quilt Details:

PatternMoon Goddess

Size – twin 64×80″

Top FabricsI’ve listed all the fabric I’ve used in this quilt here.  Many of them are no longer available, but if you are looking to make a similar one, we do have the Wildflower Fields bundle available here.

Backing FabricsArabesque in pink

Binding –  Grunge in Tea Rose

BattingWarm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Microquilter in Gold for quilting, Ecru DMC #8 for binding

Finishing Techniquesfree motion quilting, and chunky stitch binding

Quilt Label – from my shop here, tutorial for how to install it here

Skill Level – Intermediate

Availability – For sale here



Makes two at a time HRTs in both directions



There are definitely more Moon Goddess quilts in my future.  I think this is one that I will be making many times.  If you, too are making a Moon Goddess quilt, please share it on Instagram and use the #MoonGoddessQuilt.  I’d love to see your version!


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