Monday is all about fabric #22 – Tanya Whelan fabrics

Hey y’all!

I’m back again this Monday, chatting about fabric once again.  And this time…. it’s Tanya Whelan fabric.

Honestly, I have trouble keeping one collection of Tanya Whelan fabrics separate from another, because they LITERALLY will all intermingle so nicely that I don’t have to.  There is a signature shabby rosy floral style happening with this gal, and you KNOW you are looking at a Tanya Whelan fabric.

She has them all nicely grouped here.

I have made myself a little mix of her fabrics here with the help of one of my customers for a custom quilt coming up in the future.  You’ll see it soon.  These are prints from several collections.

I got almost all of these from some great little fabrics shops.  Have a look at the following links to do some Tanya Whelan fabric shopping for yourself.

Fabric Fettish

A Garden of Roses (this shop had A LOT)

Quilt Sandwich

Southern Seams Fabrics

Chit Chat Fabrics

What is about roses that make us swoon so?

I never promised you a rose garden …….  (sorry!  you know how songs get stuck in your head).

Oh, but with Tanya Whelan fabrics that’s exactly what you get.  A rose garden.

Find a ridiculous amount of inspiration here.  Also, my Granny Chic pinterest board shows off my love of florals quite nicely, I think.

I recently finished up a little rag quilt with some of these fabrics.  It’s for sale here.  I’d like to make a large one for my bed.

The turquoise roses are my favorite times a thousand!  It calls out above all the other fabrics and screams, “love me!”  Which of course, I most certainly do!  🙂

Isn’t that scrumptious?  Some little baby will be very cozy up under it one day.  Okay, so let’s do a round up of quilts with Tanya Whelan fabrics.

Quilt Round Up (Etsy Love)

Shabby Chic Baby Girl Quilt, Cottage Tanya Whelan Pastel Light Pink White Child Youth Crib Cot Bedding Sunshine Roses Nursery Decor Floral  Baby Blanket, Patchwork Blanket, Girl Blanket, Nursery Blanket, Carnation Pink, Mint Green, Jade, Shabby Chic, Nursery Decor, Roses, Flowers

 1.  This one, with it’s gorgeous quilting!  It’s from Sunnyside Designs.

2.  I love this quilt design from Honey Bear Quilt Shop.  That is a pretty pattern.  She actually has lots more here.

3.  This one is a little brighter and it really shows off the larger rose prints.  Yum!  This quilt is from The Red Pistachio.

Find more Tanya Whelan quilts here.

Helpful Links

Shop for lots and lots of Tanya Whelan fabrics here.  Or here.

Rag quilt pattern

Free Spirit fabrics

Other times I’ve mentioned Tanya Whelan fabrics on this blog

All my ‘Monday is all about Fabric’ posts

Want your quilt or fabric to be featured in one of my round ups?  Contact me or send me an email.


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